How To Win A Bet On Duck Herding Against All Comers

Posted: August 28, 2019

Updated: March 31, 2020

If you ever wanted to know how to win a bet on duck herding but were afraid to ask here’s the low down.

With the undeniable success of “One Man And His Dog” waning as the techno-revolution brought far more recreation indoors, the British turned to the obvious solution, and now you too can learn how to win a bet on duck herding. You’ll find prices on this indoor variant of that old classic working-dog agility test at the most useful online betting sites in the UK like Bet365, and so all you have to do is know what to look for, and to help you out here’s our tips for success.

1. It’s A Dog’s Life

There are, if we’re honest, only a few breeds of dog capable of the restraint, intelligence and obedience that is required to shepherd a flock of ducks from one place to another via a course of minor obstacles. The Border Collie is the traditional favorite, their high levels of intelligence making them perfect, and if you really need to know how to win a bet on duck herding the first step is to look for the brightest of the collies participating, because they already have an edge.

2. Not All Courses Are Equal

Whilst there are a few standard obstacles that you can pretty much guarantee will pop up in the competition it is often the random last minute ideas of the organizers that can cause issues for some of the more traditional competitors. That extra jump emblazoned with the event sponsor’s logo will trip a few up, so if you’re taking advantage of UK gambling laws to find out how to win a bet on duck herding just be sure to pick those who adapted quickest in the previous rounds.

3. Knowing Your Duck’s Desires

In researching how to win a bet on duck herding you’ll quickly discover that the very best teams are those that understand the nature of duck-kind and use that knowledge to their advantage. Whilst some man-dog combinations will merely shuffle the feathered friends around with a fair degree of brute force and very little finesse, the very best will know what the duck wants and simply persuade it that it wishes to do precisely what the herder wanted in the first place.

File:Neck of white duck..jpg
You must know your duck’s desires  (Ezhuttukari [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons)
4. Flanks For The Memories

One of the tell tale signs to look out for when deciding how to win a bet at duck herding is the tightness of the knot of ducks being manipulated. Anyone who likes to bet on sports in the UK should beware backing a team that can’t keep it’s ducks in a row, or close grouping. Once spread out the time penalties for rounding them back up can be punishing, so if a team appears to be forgetting it’s flanks it’s probably not one you want to stake your money on, believe you me.

5. Creep Up On A Winner

Whilst in of itself the dog used by a herder is enough to make most ducks think again, one of the most important (and difficult) skills to master is the low creep. Forcing a dog to go against all its instincts and merely stalk a flock of ducks low and slow is one of the most tricky of herder feats and if you want to know how to win a bet on duck herding at Bet365 etc, a really good idea is to back the team with dogs that can move lower and slower than the rest whilst maintaining control.

6. The Commandments

Another easy mistake when looking into how to win a bet on duck herding is forgetting that everyone can have an off day, have a sore throat, or become nervous in front of a crowd. The herder may just not be on their game today and you should look for any signs of hesitance from the dog after the commands are given. Even a miss toned whistle can put off a well trained dog, so if you see a team with the sniffles you’ll probably want to give it a miss this time round.

7. Stick To The Point

It might look obvious but the herder’s stick use will also be vital on a winning team. The dogs are great for remote work but in a fast moving situation a pointed piece of stick work can make the difference between a good time and a mediocre one up close. So remember when learning how to win a bet on duck herding at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 be sure to look for animated sticking and not vague gestures with it. The ducks won’t respond to weakness. 

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