Winning Quad Roulette Strategies: Your Keys To Success


Posted: July 7, 2020

Updated: July 7, 2020

  • You can hardly predict how the roulette wheel could turn.
  • Even the most professional gamblers don't know in which sector the ball may fall.
  • However, gamblers can use some effective winning quad roulette strategies to increase their chances of victory.

In reality, you can never predict how the roulette wheel could turn. Even the most professional gamblers don’t know in which sector the ball may fall. Therefore, most players understand that roulette is actually not a game title of methods and it mostly depends on your luck. However, gamblers can use some effective winning quad roulette strategies to increase their chances of victory. Let’s check them out!

Five Quads roulette strategy

The Five Quads is one of the most famous winning quad roulette strategies which is based on bets on four numbers. When applying this system, six bets of the same size are placed on the roulette field. During the game, bets do not change in size if the player does not combine Five Quads with other systems.

For each spin, the player needs six chips, five of which are sequentially placed on the same four of a kind, and one on an arbitrary number. They invented the Five Quads method for use in European and French roulettes. You may also use this strategy in the American version of the game, but the risk will be unjustified. There is no fundamental difference between French and European roulette in this case since betting on equal odds is not necessary.

Winning Quad Roulette Strategies
These strategies work.

Main rules

The player is entitled to determine the size of the bet on his own. Besides, you do not need to increase it during the session. Therefore, the necessary supply of funds can be calculated with extreme accuracy. You can start the game immediately since preliminary tracking of the results of past spins is also not required.One chip is placed on the following corners: 9-8-6-5; 14-13-11-10; 21-20-18-17; 29-28-26-25; 36-35-33-32. Whereas another chip is placed on any of the numbers.

If the selected number is included in the above corners, then twenty numbers are closed. Betting on a number that is not part of the closed corner allows you to block twenty-one positions out of thirty-seven. According to the described system, bets are made in each rotation. The victory of any closed corner brings three profit tokens. If you win a closed random number, you will receive thirty chips of income in any of the online casinos in the USA.

Pros and cons of this winning quad roulette strategy

The advantage of the Five Quads strategy is the ability to play for a long time with a relatively small bankroll. Failures will not cause large costs. Corners drop out quite often and give a small gain. Besides, these winning quad roulette strategies are as simple as possible. Therefore, even novice players can quickly learn to put it into practice. It is worth noting that the strategy is easily combined with other systems.

The main disadvantage of the Five Fours Quads is monotonous rates. Even fans of exciting gameplay can get tired of its diversity. Besides, with this or any other strategy, it is almost impossible to lower the advantage of online casinos in the USA. However, a variety of Casino Roulette Strategies that Work makes the game even more interesting. Check them out in the Bovada Casino and win real money!

Double Street Quad roulette strategy

It is one of winning quad roulette strategies requiring gamblers to pay for 17 amounts around the layout. The main concept behind this is the fact that a lot of slots around the wheel are covered, never permitting a lot more than 5 adjacent spots that haven’t recently been a wager on. Therefore, if you want to practice this online roulette winning strategy, then start the betting on a single quad or corner and 2 double roads. Thus, you will require 6 chips on strategies and on every spin to be able to increase your chances of victory in one of the online casinos in the USA.

Winning Quad Roulette Strategies
Start spinning!

Main rules

The Double Street Quad strategy allows players a few interesting betting options. As this combination effectively covers seventeen numbers, gamblers can then place chips according to this structure:

  • 2 chips on each of the double street bets;
  • 1 chip on the corner bet;
  • and 1 chip on the straight-up bet.

Besides, there is another way to divide while looking at it as four rows of three numbers each. You can place the double street bet chips on adjacent rows and payout at 5:1. Therefore, each bet totals six chips in outlay with a possible profit of four units. Whereas the corner bet will cover four numbers so you should place the chip for this bet in the middle of a four-block square. The win for a corner bet is 8:1 while your net gain will be two units.

Moreover, you can use the straight-up bet. It is a single number bet with the 35:1 payout. In this case, you can also use the same 6 chip outlay with a net profit of 29 units. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? In reality, you just need a little bit of practice in the Bovada Casino. Winning quad roulette strategies together with your gambling experience can become keys to your success.

Pros and cons of this winning quad roulette strategy

There are a lot of advantages to this particular winning quad roulette strategy. They include basic exploration of the inside roulette grid that many gamblers find intimidating in a certain way. Besides, the system offers a variety of options all rolled into one single strategy. Moreover, with the fairly small initial outlay of 6 units, you have a potentially big win. It happens particularly if the straight-up bet comes in at 35:1. Also, the fact that there are four areas covered inside the grid increases the odds of at least one of them paying off.

However, there are also a few obvious cons to this strategy. Firstly, there is a good chance that none of the bets win at all in which case you have to re-bet 6 units again. Therefore, without a strong bankroll, this type of strategy may become costly over a long period. This system requires your time and patience. Therefore, you can think of it as an investment in the long term plan. However, this fact makes the current strategy less ideal for players looking to score a big inside grid win. All in all, we recommend you to try these winning quad roulette strategies together with our tips of How To Win At Online Roulette. This combination will surely bring you desired victories in the Bovada Casino. Good luck!

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