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Witcher Kill Count Bet

The Witcher Kill Count bet is one of the best offers on Bovada Sportsbook at the moment. Because the chaotic show about our favorite witcher is going to get dark in the upcoming season. There are many fan theories about whether the series will skip years or not. However, with their newfound family Geralt, we can expect him to be protective of Ciri. Therefore, he will kill anyone who will threaten the life of his daughter. On the other hand, there is a chance that the show might gravitate towards Ciri as the main character and Geralt as a trainer figure. The possible speculations make this betting so much more exciting. This is one of the best entertainment betting lines at the online sportsbooks in the US right now.

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Witcher Season 3 Is Coming

The Witcher Season 3 is coming. According to Digitalspy, it could be released around mid-2022. However, there is a chance that it will only arrive in early 2003. Because Netflix has suffered a loss of subscribers lately, they are trying to make a great recovery in 2023 by introducing Squid Game s02 and Witcher s03. Furthermore, they have been already working on the season. Therefore it is no surprise that they are getting faster in the making of the season. Because all in all now that the studio has more space to work with. But great production takes time, therefore fans shouldn’t hurry the studio about the release.

Season 3 Synopsis

According to Netflix Life in Season 3 we are going to jump through a few years in events. We are going to get to see Geralt and Jennefer living together with their -now-adult daughter. Therefore, we can expect Ciri to be trained and defended by both Geralt and Jennifer.

Therefore, Ciri might be a sword fighter using her mother’s magical abilities. We are going to see many interesting twits. Furthermore, the show will more than likely discover Geralt’s many faces when it comes to family. We will see him portrayed as cruel through Ciri’s training, and defensive when she is in danger. However, in the end, Ciri might end up killing more creatures than Geralt does.

Witcher Kill Count Bet

Last year you were able to bet on the Witcher s02, and now you have a badass Witcher kill count bet available. Therefore, you can expect more betting lines to show up about the Witcher. If you were successful last year, then you shouldn’t miss this year either. Because similar topics are expected. Therefore, Bovada Sportsbook has already opened its doors to offer some early betting. This is a hard one, however for the real fans of Witcher or series gambling, it is the most exciting. The prompt is simple, you have to predict how many creatures will Geralt kill.  However, as mentioned before, this is going to get complicated with the decreasing screen time our main character gets.

The Odds for the Witcher Kill Count Bet

The series is great for gamblers because it is one of the video games that promote gambling. The Witcher Kill Count bet is featured in a simple format. You don’t have to go out of your way to research anything about the topic. It is simple and enjoyable, just like the battle scenes of The Witcher Netflix series.

Therefore, all you have to do is to predict how many kills Geralt will perform. You don’t have to select a certain number, you just have to pick a range. Therefore, the odds and the ranges are the following:

How Many Creatures/Monsters Will Geralt Kill In Season 3 Of The Witcher On Netflix?

  • 1-5 – +150
  • 6-10 – +200
  • 11-15 – +300
  • 16-20 – +400
  • 21+ – +600 

The Current Geralt Kill Count

The witcher kill count bet is a hard one because there is a significant difference between screen time for the main character. For example, in the first season, he had a kill count well above 100 kills. However, in season two, he had barely 40 kills in total. Therefore, the more meaning we have, the less we see him slaughtering armies. Furthermore, the more kills we give to other characters, the fewer kills they will give to Geralt. It is tricky to figure out the exact amount of kills. But thanks to the diverse options, we have an idea about how much they will kill.

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The Best Predictions

According to Inverse, we are expecting some real differences between season 1 and season 3. Because Season 1 was focusing on the raw strength of Geralt. While the new season is focusing on his emotions and development. However, season 3 will feature crazy dimensional portals and time travel made by Ciri. Therefore, it is hard to predict just how much screen time Geralt will have. We can conclude that the more characters we have, the less screen time Geralt will get. Therefore, the more shared screen time they have, the more they split the kills. However, there is one 

Where To Wager On The Witcher Kill Count Bet?

If you are interested in wagering on the witcher kill count bet. Then you should register at Bovada Sportsbook. Because the best Witcher-related gambling is going to happen on their website. Furthermore, you will see several other great shows you can bet on. For example, you can already place three different bets that predict the Squid Game Season 02 events. If you are interested in any form of custom wagers. Then you can use the Twitter page of Bovada, requesting a bet. And if they think that the betting is available without disturbance, then they will surely make it available on their website.

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