Video Games That Promote Gambling: From Red Dead Redemption to the Sims 3

  • Video games often include lements of gamling
  • Some video games invent their own games of chance, while others feature traditional games
  • GTA Online even allows you to buy casino chips for real money
Video Games That Promote Gambling

Gambling minigames have come a long way. Since the first elements of gambling in the Super Mario and Nintendo series, video games started to add numerous games of chances into the gameplay. However, are they worth checking out? Today, we are going to discuss video games that promote gambling.

The Witcher Card Game: Gwent

The Witcher is an epic monster saga that became an inspiration for a recent Netflix series. The game has immersive gameplay with a lot of different activities. Although the main plotline is built on completing quests and killing monsters, there are several activities that allow players to relax between missions. If you are tired of killing monsters like three-eyed deer and giant monstrous centipedes, you can spend some time playing Gwent.

Gwent is a turn-based card game where players are generals, and a deck of 22 cards is their army. In order to win the game, you will need a strong deck and a lot of strategic thinking. The game begins with a coin toss, and then each player selects ten cards from their deck. Overall, there are three rounds and players need to collect cards and create a strong deck beforehand.

Video Games That Promote Gambling
The WItcher cosplay

Gwent became a really popular game among the Witcher fans, and you can even find it on some online gambling sites in the US. However, if you prefer more traditional types of gambling, the first and the second editions of the game allow players to play poker.

Red Dead Redemption: Texas Hold’em

The next item in our list of video games that promote gambling is another modern masterpiece – the Red Dead Redemption. The game not only offers amazing graphics and fun gameplay but also takes players back to the Old West times. And obviously it’s not possible to imagine Wild West without its integral elements – saloons and Texas Hold’em.

Red Dead Redemption features several games of luck, which you can find in saloons of various towns and settlements. Players can try their luck in such games as poker and blackjack, as well as bet on arm-wrestling, liar’s dice, and horse racing. And just like in real-life casinos, you can either hit the jackpot or lose a lot of money.

Although players can spend only a certain amount of time and money on gambling, Red Dead Redemption still made a great job featuring so many games. Of course, if you are a true fan of Texas Hold’em, online poker sites in the US provide players with a better selection of poker games. But overall, these gambling elements help to set up the mood and give the game a completely new level of immersion.

The Sims 3: Lucky Simoleon Casino

The Sims 3 is a live simulation game, where players can create characters and control their activities and fates. As Sims 3 is an open-ended game, there is no specific goal and players can simply enjoy the gaming process.

Video Games That Promote Gambling
Let’s play

The game gives players an opportunity to express their creativity and do whatever they want – even gamble. The Lucky Simoleon Casino offers slots and table games in a relaxed atmosphere. Although the mini-games lack interaction, it still allows players to earn some money and calculate their chances of winning.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Diamond Casino

The last item in our list of video games that promote gambling is the Grand Theft Auto Online with its special casino missions. With the opening of Diamond Casino & Resort, VIP players gained access to 6 casino missions and 2 special missions. In order to activate the casino missions, you will need to follow several steps. You can find detailed instructions about how to access GTA Online casino missions in this article.

However, the main reason why Diamond Casino missions gained so much attention is the fact that you can buy casino tokens using real money. Though, the exchange rate is pretty generous – players can buy $50,000 for just a $1. A lot of countries were trying to restrict this option but without success. The developers claimed that buying casino tokens isn’t different from any other in-game purchase.


Video games became a huge industry nowadays, and there are quite a few of them that feature elements of gambling. However, due to numerous restrictions, developers can’t insert a fully-operating online casino into the gameplay.

Online gambling sites in the US offer numerous possibilities for online gambling. If you are a fan of slots, roulette, or table games, make sure you check the Ignition Casino. The site has a generous welcome package – all of the new players can claim up to $2,000 as a first deposit bonus. You can find more information about the platform and the promo code for the first deposit bonus in our review about Ignition Casino.

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