What To Expect From Slot Machines Of The Future

  • What will online slots look like in 2030?
  • 3 innovations that will be available in slots soon
  • Ways to improve fruit machines are also predicted
slot machines of the future

Gambling game developers don’t twiddle their thumbs and always stay tuned to the most recent updates in the industry. Slots are usually the ones that experience innovations as it is the most diverse game flexible for improvement. We tried to predict what options slot machines of the future will have in comparison to their 2020 counterparts.

Slots are the most popular game not only among gamblers but among developers too. No other gambling game has such a wide range of themes, play styles, and designs as slots. Therefore, top game vendors usually test all tech innovations in the industry on slot machines other than on poker games or roulettes.

Since their first appearance, slots have changed a lot. They developed from simple fruit machines to advanced online games with 3D graphics and a variety of themes. At the beginning of the new decade, it’s time to think about modifications that slots will come through in the next 10 years. What are the main predictions about slot machines of the future? Let’s see.

slot machines of the future
Slot machines.

VR is the first thing that comes to mind

Virtual reality is the most predictable innovation awaiting for slot games in the future. It is already an important part of entertaining spheres and it will affect gambling sooner or later. There are already some casinos implementing VR technology, but there are only a few online UK casino sites offering this possibility. However, most games will have permanent access to virtual reality in the next 10 years.

The first game that will be on VR’s way is obviously slots. All slot machines of the future are expected to be available for playing using goggles. What will it give to gamblers? 

Effect of presence

Mainly, VR slots will have an effect on a presence in a real-life casino. Surely, there are live games, but they can’t give the full sense of being far from home. Moreover, they will definitely be outdated as soon as virtual reality will be available for trying. Just imagine yourself wandering in an empty casino and playing every slot machine without limitations, long lines, and annoying visitors. It will help gamblers to feel like everything in a casino works just for them. In general, VR is the #1 technology that will innovate online gambling.

Multi-gaming will be a feature of the slot machines of the future

Another futuristic option that is partly available now is multi-gaming. What is it? Multi-gaming means playing several slots simultaneously using multiple screens. It allows betting on more than one game at once and saving your time. With a multi-gaming option, you don’t have to play a game by game and waste hours seeking the most profitable variant – they all will be on your device at once.

slot machines of the future
Multi-gaming is the future.

Nowadays, some casinos offer first multi-gaming slots to play. For example, 888casino has a game Blazing 777, where you can spin 10 different sets of reels simultaneously. This classic-vibe slot was released in October 2019 to familiarize gamblers with new technologies that are expected to be common by 2030.

The active role of devices & the Internet

As online slots will invade gambling sites even more than now, casinos can use social media to promote their games. In particular, live streams of playing slots can improve its popularity and entertainment. Probably, there are going to be live slot tournaments in the future.

Devices also play an important role in making slot machines of the future. Smartwatch slots are already here, but their design and variety need to be improved. Therefore, slot developers will definitely focus on apps available in HQ for smartphones and the most recent devices in the nearest years.

More slots for land-based casinos

Land-based casinos will not stay away from changes too. They are not predicted to disappear with the development of online casinos, but still have to improve their service to make gamblers come to Vegas instead of playing from home.

One of these improvements touches upon game diversity. Most slots in land-based casinos are fruit machines, which already is quite boring, to say nothing about players of 2030. To keep gamblers’ attention for slots, vendors have to make new & modern slot machines with 3D visuals, high-definition screens, and diverse sets of themes. Then playing slots like in the movies will be even better.

You can discover more about 888casino here.

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