Slot Machine Volatility Explained

  • What are the basic slot machine volatility types?
  • Learn the difference between low, medium and high volatility
  • This guidance will help you to find the best slots to play online
slot machine volatility explained

Calculation of your winning chances in an online casino is possible if you know what to pay attention to. Check volatility and pick the gambling game that fits your play style and budget the most. Here you have everything about slot machine volatility explained: what it is, where to find, and how to understand its types.

If you play slots online, you should know about such a marker of winning possibility as Return To Player (or payout percentage). However, RTP is not the only way to predict how much you can earn in case of winning. There is another signifier of the slot winning chances – volatility – that can tell you everything about the slot.

Even experienced gamblers might not have heard about volatility. One can rarely meet this complicated slot machine term in slang dictionaries, so we are going to explain what it is and what type of volatility is the best one.

What is slot volatility

In gambling, volatility (or variance) describes the level of risk in each casino game. In other words, it shows the expected frequency and amount of your winnings during one session. Knowing your slot volatility type means understanding how frequent your winnings can be, and how much money you can earn or lose.

slot machine volatility explained
Stay informed!

Why is learning about slot volatility important? Apart from the two advantages mentioned above, you will learn how to pick the best slot based on your budget. This is an important thing to know as usually, gamblers don’t expect that they can lose more than win or simply don’t understand how to bet wisely. So, depending on your budget, let’s decide what type of volatility is better to play in each case.

Types of slot machine volatility explained 

There are 3 main types of volatility: low, medium, and high. In some cases, casinos differentiate two additional types of volatility: low-medium and medium-high. However, three major ones usually perfectly describe most slots at online casinos, so let’s focus on them first.

High slot volatility

High volatility slots are a perfect choice for those who like taking risks and have extra money to wager. Usually, slot machines of this type have fewer payouts, so gamblers can win nothing for a row of sessions. However, when they hit the jackpot, it is worth waiting for. 

High-variance slot games will be good for gamblers with big bankrolls and aim for big wins. Passion for the gambling process also matters, not only money is important. However, HVS will reward your patience with solid winnings and bonuses, so don’t underestimate these slot machines. You can find slots with high volatility at Intertops Casino.

Low slot volatility

Low-variance slot games are predictably opposite to their high counterpart. This type of slot offers more frequent payouts but they are usually low. In other words, you can win during every session, but these winnings will just cover your expenses on bets. Low volatility slots are indeed very popular among newcomers as they give them a taste of victory.

slot machine volatility explained
It’s good to know.

This type of slot machine will perfectly fit gamblers with a limited budget, but a passion to play a lot. LVS will also satisfy players who enjoy winning regardless of the amount of the jackpot. Finally, it is a good choice for green gamblers and those who hate taking risks. 

Medium slot volatility

Once we have low and high types of slot machine volatility explained, it is easy to guess what’s the medium one. It is a golden middle for gamblers and also the most popular type of slot game. Medium-variance slots combine frequent payouts and long duration of play sessions of LVS with bigger jackpots of HVS. Most games at online gambling sites in the US are of this type, so players receive both adrenaline and some profit too.

How to calculate a slot volatility

As soon as you choose the most suitable variance type for you, learn how to calculate it or where to find it in the description. However, a volatility rate is rarely written in slot reviews as developers usually put an RTP rate instead. So, let’s discover other ways of learning slot variance types.

  • Playing demo. Making the first spins is the most reliable way to see what type of volatility is there. Fortunately, all casinos allow guests to play 5-10 times for free, so it won’t set you back. To differentiate all volatility types, pay attention to the frequency and amount of your winnings according to the guides above.
  • Payout difference. Once you have slot machine volatility explained, take a look at the difference between payouts for 4 and 5 same symbols. If it is low, you play low/medium volatility slots. If the difference is big, the slot offers to take a higher risk.
  • Look at the jackpot type. The high jackpot means the slot is of a high-variance type and vice versa.

To play the best free-for-all slots, don’t hesitate to visit online casinos in the US.

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