Slot Online Jackpot Types Explained


Posted: June 2, 2020

Updated: June 2, 2020

  • There are two main types of online slots jackpots
  • Fixed and progressive payouts: what is the difference?

Have you ever struggled with a question about the most profitable jackpot? Modern online casinos offer their clients several kinds of payouts and each of them has its pros and cons. Here you have online jackpot types explained to learn what game you should play to win based on your winning preferences.

Stay tuned if you want to learn everything about online casinos. Previously, we have covered all kinds of bonuses that are given online casino sites. Now, let’s highlight no less important topic devoted to every gambler’s target i.e. jackpots. What types of jackpot do exist on the Internet and which one is better to hunt for while playing slots? Let’s see.

Jackpot types vary mostly in slot machines, but some other games like video poker can also use both of them. Depending on a casino and a machine, slots can have multiple variations of payout for winners. Both of them are good to get at Vegas Crest, but there is still a crucial difference between jackpots.

Major online jackpot types explained

There are two major types of jackpots offered by online casinos in the US. One of the payouts you can win by playing gambling games is progressive, while the other is fixed (non-progressive). Both of the jackpots also have variations, so let’s bring them to a sharper focus.

Progressive jackpot

A progressive jackpot is very simple to understand. Slots offering this kind of payouts have a total prize that constantly increases each time the game is played. Importantly, the game has to be just played, but not won to increase the jackpot to its maximum. In other words, a particular slot accumulates its payout during the gaming process till it reaches e.g. $1 million, and gives it to the only winner afterward. Increasing your stakes affects the jackpot by raising winning money the winner will get. Once a progressive jackpot is taken, the payout for the next game drops to the initial value and the process of accumulation starts over. The starting amount of this type of jackpot is usually known as reset.

online jackpot types explained
These are the basic jackpots!

Here you have one of the online jackpot types explained. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a progressive payout? Firstly, it offers the bigger money to win. Slots with progressive jackpots reward with money rarely, but neatly. Depending on the casino, the maximum payout can be up to hundreds of millions. However, to be the one to hit this jackpot, you have to be a really lucky one.

Fixed (non-progressive) jackpot

A fixed jackpot is an antipode to the progressive one, that’s why it is also defined as non-progressive. Casinos like Vegas Crest Casino offer fixed payouts aka specific amounts of money for lucky visitors. Playing video slots with a non-progressive jackpot, you will get no more cash than is specified by a casino for a particular game. Also, your stakes don’t affect the winning money as they do with a progressive jackpot.

It is important to remember that fixed payouts aren’t usually big and start from a very minimum to thousands and dozens of thousands. It may not be the jackpot of your dreams, but it is easier to win than the progressive one.

What jackpot is better to choose?

Once you have both of the online jackpot types explained, a reasonable question arises: which one is better to hunt for? It depends on what your goal is. 

Slots that come with progressive jackpot give a chance to win the biggest money of your life. To succeed, you have to gamble frequently, raise your stakes as they increase the amount of winning money, and probably follow lucky symbols in slot machines to increase your chances.

Individuals aiming for smaller although more frequent winnings can go for fixed payouts. They don’t guarantee you winning every time you gamble but are still more likely to bring some money. They also allow you to wager on a minimum as higher stakes won’t make your jackpot bigger. As jackpots in non-progressive slots will not ever go up, the percentage of successful gaming sessions is higher.

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