23 Slot Machine Terms To Help You To Become a Pro


Posted: June 11, 2020

Updated: June 11, 2020

  • What terms in slot gaming are necessary to learn?
  • Here are 23 basic glossary words every gambler should know

Being a professional gambler is not possible without knowledge of gambling jargon. If you want to become a pro, start with slot machine terms – they are the easiest to memorize. Here is the basic gambling glossary to learn.

Like any other gambling game, slots have their own terminology and jargon words. Gamblers who aim to be called professionals and participate in tournaments should know them all to be in. On the contrary, common casino visitors can be limited to the basics and feel happy with it. Learn some common terms in slot machines and then practice your knowledge at online casinos in the UK.

All necessary slot machine terms to learn

Obviously, slot terminology is broad and full of words used by gamblers, dealers, and casino experts. In most cases, you don’t have to know them all to gamble successfully at the advanced level. Therefore, we have collected all terms that form the basis of the slot machine glossary.

To make them easier to memorize, here are 3 classifications of slot machine terms: slot machine itself (i.e. the game you play), the game characteristics, and jackpot/bonus description.

Slots game terms

Reels. In slots, reels are vertical positions on spinning drums, which display symbols. Usually, slots have either a 3-reel or a 5-reel structure.

Rows. Rows are horizontal lines where symbols are situated.

Paylines. It is a line of symbols on a screen that counts as a winning combination. Earlier, only straight lines could be pay lines, but now it depends on a slot.

Active pay lines. Some slots offer you to bet on a particular pay line, which is called active. However, most slots have fixed ones.

Symbols. They are small pictures or icons that appear on reels. Their variety depends on a slot theme.

Wild symbols. They are used to replace missing symbols in a winning combination. 

Spins. It is a movement of reels in one round.

Coins (credits). Both of these names describe money you pay for playing slots.

Slots description

3D slots. This is a kind of slot with advanced visuals and a sense of immersion. Also, it can mean games with additional animation/sound effects. 

Video slots. A virtual slot game with a large number of pay lines and high-quality visuals. Usually, they reflect a particular real-life or fictional world, e.g. fantasy slots.

Fruit machines. Fruit machines are classic slots with simple graphics and fruits/7s/lucky charms as symbols.

Themed slots. Slots featuring a particular theme, like from movie scenes to Ancient Rome. Find lots of various themes at 888casino.

Multi-line slots. They are slots with more than one pay line. Usually, modern games have 10+ pay lines.

Multi-way slots. This kind of slot enhances winning chances as it offers various ways of aligning winning symbols.

Online slots. In short, they are slots that can be played from any device on the Internet.

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Autospin slots. Autospin slots allow making spins automatically. On the other hand, there are manual slots where you have to click on a button every time you want to spin the reels.

slot machine terms
Slots are way complex than back in the days

Jackpot/bonus slot machine terms

Payout. Payout is the money you receive for getting a winning combination. 

Minimum/maximum bets. These terms signify the lowest and the biggest bet you can place on slots. They can vary from one casino site to another.

RTP (Return to Player). Commonly, RTP is a theoretical percentage of the money amount that will be returned to the player in case of winning. For example, an RTP of 98% says that the player will receive $98 for every $100.

Progressive jackpot. This kind of jackpot grows every time a gambler increases his/her bet. The fixed (non-progressive) jackpot doesn’t change and offers the same amount of winning money regardless of your bet. Learn what jackpot is better to aim for here.

Bonus round. Probably, the most profitable round in slots. A bonus round allows making free spins with a higher payout.

Free spins. Making free spins means that gamblers don’t spend their money on each spin. Free spins are a kind of bonus in slots. So, read more about bonuses and how to use them wisely.

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