Women’s Heptathlon Betting: Can Katarina Johnson-Thompson win?

Women’s Heptathlon Betting

Katarina Johnson-Thompson struggled to qualify for the Olympics, but has enough talent that she should be considered a real threat for your women’s heptathlon betting

Online sportsbooks in the UK have 23 year-old Brit Katarina Johnson-Thompson as third favourite, but she has enough talent to win the whole event. She will face reigning champ, and British rival, Jessica Ennis-Hill as well as Brianne Theisen- Eaton, the Canadian who is married to possibly the greatest athlete on earth. Both her competitors are older than Johnson-Thompson, but she has the talent to beat both.

NetBet Women’s Heptathlon Betting Odds

  • Brianne Theisen-Eaton @ 6/4
  • Jessica Ennis-Hill @ 6/5
  • Katarina Johnson-Thompson @ 3/1

It has been said that Johnson-Thompson’s potential is “limitless”, and for her to win in Rio all that is required is for her to have a good day. While Jessica Ennis-Hill is hoping to retain her crown, Johnson-Thompson seeks to follow in her footsteps. In 2012 Johnson-Thompson beat Ennis-Hill’s British junior record, and as the latter is 30 it seems certain than Johnson-Thompson will usurp her as Britain’s top heptathlon-athlete sooner or later. The question is: will it happen at Rio?

Brianne Theisen-Eaton provides tough competition

When competing at the Götzis Hypo-Meeting in Austria, seeking to find the points to qualify for Rio, Johnson-Thompson performed poorly in some events and only managed sixth place, though she did scrape enough points for Olympic qualification. Incredibly, she came last in the shot put, and struggled badly on the long jump. However, her talent in the other events redeemed her somewhat. She was recovering from injury, and whole she was physically able, her mental readiness was not yet there.

The winner at that meet was Brianne Theisen-Eaton, the 27 year-old Canadian. While not necessary as naturally gifted as the two other favourites, she could easily capitalize if they do not reach the levels they are capable of. It should be a great competition, and the perfect event if you want to bet on sports in Brazil!

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