You Can Bet On Formula One Feud Firing Up Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes, over a hundred points clear at the top of the constructors championship in Formula One shouldn’t have a care in the world. They outspend everyone else on the grid, they’ve a stunningly good developmental engineering team and their drivers are literally the best in the world. Such a shame then they feel the need to be quite so childish about it all, but you can always bet on Formula One to demonstrate its spoiled-rich-kid credentials at every opportunity.

F1 At Bet365

  • Hamilton Evens
  • Rosberg 2/1
  • Vettel 13/2
  • Ricciardo 14/1

Back in 2014 77,000 people attended the Austrian Grand Prix, in 2015 that had dropped to just 55,000 and to look at the stands in the back of the coverage of this year’s race those numbers have kept on plummeting. Not that you can blame fans for wandering away, but of course as those who bet on sports in the UK know only too well, you can always bet on Formula One making things worse before, if ever, they make them better. Take their new qualifying rules. No. Really. Take them. Preferably somewhere irradiated where we can’t hear them scream.

This year’s race will be remembered, however, not for the lack of crowds nor the ridiculous attempts by Formula One to make itself more interesting (something that perpetually results in nothing more than truly awe-inspiring embarrassment) but for the coming together on track of the two Mercedes drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg as the pair once again decided to bet on Formula One cars being just like dodgem cars underneath all that fascinating expenditure on technology.

Hamilton & Rosberg Come Together In Again In Austria

Austria Results

  • 1st Hamilton
  • 2nd Verstappen
  • 3rd Raikkonen

This isn’t the first time they’ve pulled this spoiled-child impression, forgetting that they race for the same team and getting way too physical on track, they did something similar in Hungary and in Spain managed to knock each other out of the race. This time they manage to stay on the track, just, but if you’re in the UK gambling laws of justice would see them punished for their petulance, think again, you should never bet on Formula One to set a good example.

Hamilton Rosberg Austria

The Hamilton and Rosberg collision (Photo: Sky Sports)

After a small disagreement concerning team strategy and orders Max Verstappen was accused of sounding like a ‘sulky teenager’ which is a tad unfair given he’s only 18, especially after Max did himself proud in Austria coming home second ahead of the Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen. Lewis got the win, and Nico only finished fourth perhaps paying the price for his aggression. This cut his lead in the championship to just eleven points, and sets up a very interesting bet on Formula One next week.

Collisions Coulds Make Mercedes A Bad Bet On Formula One

Will the pressure of facing his home crowd push Lewis Hamilton to make that extra effort in the British Grand Prix? Will Rosberg lose his cool again? Can the teenage Red Bull take advantage of Mercedes’ civil war? Can the romper suited twits in the silver arrows stay wheel-side down on the track? Sebastian Vettel and Raikkonen at Ferrari are on the same number of points you don’t see them ramming each other in their haste to be first, just don’t bet on Formula One being as grown up.

Hamilton is evens at Bet365 to take the win at Silverstone in Britain, with Rosberg drifting out to 2/1 on the back of his podiumless race in Austria and that’ll be the battle to watch as Vettle gets just 13/2 with Ricciardo and Verstappen back on 14/1. It might seem ghoulish to bet on Formula One team mates taking each other out, but the chances get ever more likely that a collison between the two Mercedes Muppets will end up effecting your wager and making the UK gambling news headlines next Monday.

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