What Are the Craziest World Records in Gambling?

  • The Guinness Book contains many records related to gambling
  • Numerous achievements in slots and card games are still unbeaten
  • What are the weirdest GWR casino facts ever?
world records in gambling

If you thought that casino records weren’t taken seriously, you have never been so wrong. Many of the world records in gambling are written down in the Guinness book, including such weird ones as the oldest croupier or largest roulette wheel. Do you want to see the whole list? Click on the article!

Recently, we covered the most impressive Guinness World Records in poker that manage to amaze even through the years. This time, we collected the most interesting world records in gambling. They include not only amazing statistics like the biggest roulette in the world but also some weird facts that have found their place in the Guinness Book. Curious? Let’s begin with the record-breaking achievements in casino games.

To make our top-10 easier to read, we have divided all gambling records into categories. They are slots and table games records, interesting facts about casinos, and “weird” achievements.

Guinness records in table games

There were several world records in gambling made by table games players. One of them is named “The most players at the Internet poker room” and shows the world record in having the biggest number of gamblers playing simultaneously. This Guinness record belongs to one of the most popular online casino sites in the US, PokerStars. It managed to gather together 307,016 people playing around 43,000 virtual tables in one room. It’s more than the whole population of Henderson, Nevada!

Another remarkable fact about table games obviously touches upon money. The world record “The largest prize money for a baccarat tournament” belongs to Lin Hasain, who won almost $13 million! This is unbelievable! The Guinness record was established in 2015 and there’s no chance that someone is going to beat it soon.

World records in gambling: slots

Slots world records are way more diverse than ones in table games. There were at least 4 cases fixed in the Guinness book. Firstly, it’s the biggest slot machine jackpot. It belongs to the person from LA who won $39,713,982 in Las Vegas. Can you imagine winning almost $40 million in one night after putting just $100 in the right machine?

Another interesting fact about slots touches upon the largest amount of machines. To be more clear, it is called “the most slot machines running the same game simultaneously”… and we are confused with this record too. Thus, Bally Technologies launched 1,610 slot machines running the same game in 2013 and got their recognition. Everything of genius is simple!

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Will you break the world record?

The last record-breaking case in slots took place in 2016. The Muckleshoot Casino tournament took place in Washington and entered history as the biggest slot machine tournament ever. More than 3,000 gamblers attended the event and played different slots simultaneously. We can imagine that noise! However, who said you couldn’t break some records while playing slots online at Vegas Crest Casino? Jon Heywood did it when he won $20,062,600 playing slots from home. This jackpot also entered history as the largest jackpot in an online slot machine game.

Impressive achievements of casinos

Land-based casinos can also boast with some Guinness records. Here we have the biggest casino ever and the most visited casinos in 24 hours. The first of these two world records in gambling belongs to the famous Venetian Macao in Macau. Even if the name sounds unfamiliar, you have definitely seen this luxurious casino in movies and pictures. The building has 39 floors, all belonging to the casino & resort hotel of the same name. Its gambling area counts 51,100 m2, which makes the Venetian Macao the biggest gambling area in the world.

One of the greatest world records in gambling belongs to US citizens, Jack and Jeremy Freeman. In 2007, father and son decided to break the record and visit the most casinos in 24 hours. And they did it. The Freemans played in 69 land-based gambling places and entered the Guinness Book. Their achievement was repeated in 2015, when Kimo Ah Yun and Gary Meyer visited the same number of casinos in Las Vegas. Will someone surpass them?

“Weird” record-breaking gambling facts

Here come the weirdest world records in gambling that we added in a separate category. Let’s begin with the biggest roulette wheel ever played in a land-based casino. In 2017, Casino Du Liban in Lebanon presented the 8,75 m2 roulette wheel which entered the Guinness Book. It is placed on the dome ceiling inside the casino and is controlled remotely.

The largest blackjack table was found in California, US. Viejas Casino presented a 206,85m2 operating table in 2013 on its 21st anniversary. We have no doubt that their birthday party was really…big.

Finally, the oldest croupier ever works for Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas. Joanna Dodd broke the previous record of 79 years 35 days by just one day. However, the record was fixed in 2015. As far as we know, there were no updates about her retirement, so this casino queen should have renewed her own record for 84 years!

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