How to Make the Best Bet in Roulette?

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best bet in roulette

If you have played roulette at least once, you might have asked yourself a question on how to pick the right combination. Is it even possible to place the best bet in roulette at one dash? Let’s turn to statistics and learn about the most frequent winning numbers & colors.

Recently, we covered the topic of why you should play live roulette while staying at home. If you have read it, you might have been interested in learning more about this popular casino game. For example, how to make the best bet that will bring you money? Regardless of being an experienced gambler or a newcomer, this question relates to everyone who plays roulette. In this article, we will focus on statistical facts and pros’ life experiences to figure out the most profitable roulette bet.  

What does the statistic say about chances to win in roulette?

It is a well-known fact that European roulette has better odds for its players than the American one. Following the statistics, European roulette offers an average RTP of 97.3%, while the American variation of the game has 94.7%. It means that for every €100 you wager, you can expect a return of €94.7, while the possibility of winning in European roulette is higher. Therefore, the first thing you should remember while playing is that the European roulette is theoretically more profitable. Why theoretically? One shouldn’t exclude the luck factor too, so pay attention to it while choosing from online casinos in Spain.

best bet in roulette
Get your strategies right!

Are there any other principal differences between the two kinds of roulette? The rules are pretty similar – you place a bet on the number & color, a dealer spins the wheel, you win. However, the European roulette has 37 numbers on the wheel, from 0 to 36. At the same time, you can wager on 38 different variants in American roulette as it has an additional 00 slot. The more slots, the harder to win. Now, let’s switch to finding the best bet in roulette.

How to choose the best bet in roulette according to pros?

Once you choose what roulette variation to play, it’s time to decide on a bet. Professionals from Bet365 Casino give some basic recommendations for beginners, which we will illustrate via table:

Wager Payout
Single number  35 to 1
2 numbers 17 to 1
3 numbers 11 to 1
4 numbers 8 to 1
5 numbers 6 to 1
6 numbers 5 to 1
Color (red/black) 1 to 1

As it can be seen from the table, a wager placed on color almost guarantees you a victory. To make it simpler, you have to choose between two options, one of them will be victorious. Therefore, if you don’t want to risk your money, bet on color only. However, the winning red/black slot won’t bring you a big jackpot, but the winning number will. The most profitable bet will be the single number, but you can nick it with a really low possibility.

Is there any strategy that can help me win?

There is, for sure. Roulette pro players use several strategies like the Fibonacci betting strategy. The most popular in terms of casino games are the Martingale and Double-O-Seven tips. They won’t help you to place the best bet in roulette if you want to wager, win, and leave, but will be useful during the long roulette session. If you play this game for a while, you will learn how to calculate the next move of a wheel. By the way if you wanna go for sure and you don’t want to get tricked by the RNG systems choose one of the online live dealer casino games.

All in all, you should have patience while playing roulette or any other Bet365 casino game. Practice a lot, read online guides & strategies, trust your intuition and you will hit the jackpot very soon.

You can learn more about Bet365 Casino here.

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