Best Betting Strategies of All Times – How to Be a Gambling Expert


Posted: December 12, 2019

Updated: January 13, 2020

  • The best strategy is not enough but essential
  • The Fibonacci betting strategy is perfect for the dreamers
  • The Poportional betting strategy is a good choice for the rationals

Which are the best betting strategies? Are these methods exist? If yes, why not everybody uses them? The answer is simple. You need a calm head to choose the wagers that can make you rich. In this short conclusion, I will share with you which methods to choose and how to use them. But the only one who can make the correct speculations is you.

At online gambling sites in the UK, a load of people tries to earn big prizes. However, the most successful ones never tell which was the best betting strategies that made them rich. The key is a well-chosen stake and the awareness. Be aware of what happened and conclude. You can’t see the future but if you learn from the past you can make predictions that earn you money. But don’t forget, your bankroll binds you. If you go greedy, you are lost.

Always choose topics you are familiar with

Blind faith in the gambling world isn’t one of the best betting strategies. Only choose events at the online sportsbook in the UK which truely can include exciting plot twists. The special bets and wagers on no-chance underdogs are funny but that’s all. My favourite site is bet365. They offer bets on all the sports you can imagine. Even more, they also create special wagers. You can even bet on mobile games like Angry Birds, or you can also bet on old games like Sonic Generations. These topics are not the standard options but still, if you stay up-to-date you can make predictions that can double or triple your money easily. Even more, they are all live bets and that means, no waiting time.

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Stay calm, don’t let a big prize drive you mental

To find out which are the best betting strategies for you, you must try them out

As I discussed above, you must find out by yourself what kind of bets will earn you success. But, first of all, what do we mean by betting strategy? Essentially it’s all about the stakes. How you choose your limits, and how you change them if you are losing or winning. I could list you all the strategies that already gone viral but I will save you from breaking a sweat.

The 2019 statistics picture that Fibonacci betting and Proportional betting are the best betting strategies

The Fibonacci betting strategy is based on the Martingale betting system

Have you ever heard about the famous Fibonacci sequence? Basically, if you follow this strategy, every time you lose, you raise your stake based on the Fibonacci numbers. In sum, you can find the next number if you adding together the two previous numbers. So, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and o so on. Therefore, if your first bet is 1$ and you lose six times in a row the 6th stake will be 13$. Mathematically, it only works if you are going for wagers with 2.7 or higher odds. You can find as many high odds like this at bet365, as many times, you can find the Golden Ratio in everything. It’s not totally connected with the topic, but if you understand how this numeric sequence can define the rules of mother nature, you will see, how powerful it is. To learn more watch this video:

The Proportional betting strategy is the developed version of fixed betting

You place your bet proportional with your balance. You choose between 1% and 5% and you always place that percentage of your total bankroll on a wager. So, your stakes will be lower and lower. You always start to bet on shorter odds with the higher amounts and as you go lower and lower you can choose the most badass multipliers. If you follow this, you can bet on all the bet365 sportsbook’s events that you are interested in. Even more, the overall statistics have shown that the gamblers who used this model mostly finished the year with fascinating results.

 If you play a lot and keep on winning you will draw attention

Always check the Terms&Conditions because there are several banned strategies. But, if you earn serious money whit gambling while you follow the rules, one day, you can wake up and realize that you make a living from gambling. Or, even more, I heard a couple of stories when bet365 itself offered jobs for the players who continuously won spendy amounts. So, remember it’s not enough if you are aware of the best betting strategies, you always need a calm head. Just don’t go greedy and stay tuned!

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