The Best Long-term Bets After the Olympics Has Been Postponed

  • The Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo has been postponed for next year
  • Wimbledon and Tour de France are still going ahead
  • You can still bet for events held in the second part of the year
best long-term bets

It hasn’t been easy to find sports events that you can still bet on after all the cancellations and suspensions. But until yesterday there was a hope that the Olympic Games will still go on in Tokyo in the summer. Now it has also been postponed to 2021. So let’s check out what is still left in the calendar, the best long-term bets. 

Now it’s time to really think ahead and make bets for future events. But don’t worry, you can still find some big tournaments in the second half of the year when hopefully everything will be back in normal. From Roland Garros to the London Marathon, many of the major events have been postponed for this autumn. But bets are already available for most of them. 

Wimbledon and Tour de France in the best long-term bets

Some of the biggest events in the summer, like the most famous tennis tournaments in the world, Wimbledon still goes ahead in its original date. It should start on the 29th of June, with the final being on the 12th of July. Of course, there is a concern about its cancellation as the European Football Championship had similar dates. And now it has been postponed to next year. Online sportsbooks in the UK are still hoping that Wimbledon can be held, with Andy Murray being in the favorites. 

We have a similar situation regarding the most famous cycling event, Tour de France. The race is scheduled to start on the 27th of June. It is one of the most viewed sports events, with thousands of fans watching it live on the route as well. But to have so many people concentrated in such small places are not ideal. The other Grand Tour, Giro d’Italia has been postponed to an unknown date. But the odds for Tour de France are still available at the moment on 1xBet

best long-term bets
Tour de France

Best long-term bets in football

While Euro2020 and Copa America have been postponed to next year, no one really knows what will happen with the other tournaments. Like this season’s Champions League, the Europa League and all the major leagues in Europe. Currently, the only football league still going on is the Belorussian league. Here Bate Boriszov is the favorite to win with the odds of 2.50. But odds are also available for the winners of the Champions League. Let’s hope we will see the remaining teams in action soon. 

As we mentioned, the Euro2020 and Copa America will be held in 2021, but you can already make a bet on the winners. Belgium and England are the favorites with the odds of 6.00. But France, Germany, and the Netherlands are also in the top teams.  In the Copa America, the two biggest countries are leading the odds. With Argentina having 2.75 and Brazil 3.24 to win the tournament. 

Bets for other winners are also available

In other team sports like handball, bets for the winners of Champions League in the men’s and women’s tournaments are still there. But their date is another question after they have been postponed as well from their original date in May. The same things can be said about water polo where league and international games have been suspended with the finals of the LEN Champions League put on hold. 

In the US, almost every league has been suspended as well, including the NBA, NHL, and MLS but you can still find them in the long-term bets. The leaders of these organizations are all hoping that they can resume the championships in time to finish them. There is a bet you can even make on that regarding the NHL at 1xBet

Half of the season has been canceled or postponed in motorsports

Formula 1 and MotoGP have been affected largely by the situation. The starting date of the new Formula 1 season is still not known. The same can be said about the date of the next race in MotoGP. Well, we hope both can start/continue during the summer, bets are still available for the winner of the seasons. 

In the other favorite sports of online gambling sites in the UK, like darts, odds are only available for next year’s world championships. In cricket, luckily the ICC T20 World Cup will only be held in October, so it hasn’t been affected. The remaining games of the Six Nations in Rugby Union have been postponed, just like many golf tournaments like The Masters and The Players Championship. But for later events like the US Masters and the Ryder Cup odds are available in the best long-term bets. 

You can learn more about these odds here az 1xBet Sportsbook.

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