Worst Competitive League Matches – Our Top 6 List


Posted: February 21, 2023

Updated: February 21, 2023

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We dedicate this article to collecting the worst competitive League matches ever. We are going to talk about TSM once more, and we will also mention the cringiest team to ever exist: Team Siren. Of course, we will give you the fastest match in eSport history, and also the longest match of League of Legends professional tournaments. This article will include all of the worst, most boring matches with underwhelming results unfit for pros.

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If you love League of Legends then you know how immersive the video game can be. Sometimes we love to torture ourselves by watching the new competitive teams playing against each other. Even though some teams are the ultimate best players of all time. They make mistakes that sometimes reward us if we bet against them at the online sportsbook sites in Greece. Therefore, we have collected the worst competitive League matches that ever happened.

Because if you enjoy reviewing the most boring or cringiest matches. Then this article is going to give you the full list. However, these matches are going to give you great information on how to beat good teams. Because sometimes these silly matches can win us some pocket money.

6. TSM vs Azubu Frost – Worst Competitive League Matches

Let’s start with a match we have written about already. Because this one is rather personal for me. Back in season 2, I was one of the biggest TSM fanboys. However, Baylife was quickly over when one of the biggest failures of the eSports industry took place. Back then, players were playing with a gigantic monitor behind them. There was a rule for the players to not turn around.

However, we all see how this is not that easy to hold when thousands of dollars are at the stake. I almost saw my favorite team reaching second place if not first place in the World Championship. However, Azubu Frost stopped the match and received a huge early advantage by peeping at the monitor. This is why they are among the most infamous LoL Championship cheaters.

5. Team Siren Match – Cringiest League Moments

This will forever belong to the worst competitive League matches. Don’t get us wrong, we are all excited for the upcoming first female LoL team ever. However, we can not consider Team Siren’s weak excuse of a team as the first one. Because they have created this huge marketing campaign and cringe video about how men dominate the eSports industry. Generally, they have made it look like males are the ultimate enemy in a sci-fi movies where they are the heroes.

Well, I gave them the benefit of the doubt and I was super excited for them. However, I didn’t even end up seeing the match, because they had a pathetic run. Therefore, they were defeated in the first qualifier round.

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4. Gen.G vs DRX – Unexpected Underperformance

Don’t worry, we are going to talk a lot about Ezreal. However, we would like to mention matches that don’t belong to a Museum. Because this match happened last year during the 2022 World Championship. Exactly 10 years after the previous match we mentioned. The reason why this was a terrible match is that everyone including me expected Gen.G to win. However, what happened is the opposite.

DRX have stomped them and Gen.G has made unexplainable mistakes. Peanut’s flashes were worse than what I see in my gold elo solo Qmatches. All in all, this matchup was super underwhelming. However, if you want to place a bet on the second round. Then we highly recommend you register at 22BET Sportsbook

3. Jin Air vs SKT – Longest Match Of League History

This is not that bad the community has diverse opinions. However, I put this to be one of the worst competitive League matches. Because who wants to watch a 400 CS Sivir? Let’s be honest, we all watch these games to be a part of a bigger community. We enjoy professional clean plays. However, this match was a result of bad game design. Because both of the teams have picked champions that can kill but can’t push for objectives.

Therefore, the teams had no chance to take a rush advantage. In conclusion, this match was a prime example of why Riot decided to make the game faster. According to Reddit, some people have screamed at their monitor in excitement. We love that for them but I get hyped when I see a perfect play from Faker instead of a slow-burn game.

2. Team Vulcun vs TSM – Worst Competitive League Matches

If you have ever seen a terrible match, then this one is going to bring you back. We all remember the iconic Youtube videos where people have memed on Reginald. In conclusion, the former Team Captain and mid-laner of TSM was a bit egoistic. Therefore, we all know how his shot calls were outdated and not always as good as it was supposed to be. We have seen how Reginald got attacked by the enemy team and he asked his team to help him. The result was the whole team sacrificing himself for Regi to survive… and he died in the end.

The meme is made funnier by the “You are benched” remark. Because after this match, Reginald decided to bench a team member for underperforming. According to MMO-Champion, the majority of the community believes that Reginald was not right in his argument with Dyrus either.

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1. Samsung White Vs Team Dark

Finally, we are here to bring you the most iconic and worst competitive League matches. According to LoL Fandom, Team Dark was the team of the infamous Apdo. The best soloQ player ever who was banned for selling boosting services. After his ban, we saw how the team fell apart. In this match, we have witnessed highly paid pro-League of Legends eSport players committing mistakes only people in low bronze commit nowadays.

Therefore, we crown this as the fastest and worst match in League of Legends history. If you are interested in betting against or on the same players. Then we recommend you register at 22BET Sportsbook. Because they are giving you props on champion picks and more. Therefore, you will find the best eSports betting markets here.

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