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Posted: February 19, 2024

Updated: February 19, 2024

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Join us for our WSOP Champions Reunion in 2024! We are going to review the means of getting into the event. This year is special because the WSOP is encouraging professional champions to make a return. And good news! If you knock any of them out, you will immediately receive an invitation to the WSOP Main Event. This is one of the greatest opportunities in this year’s poker culture and community!

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Today we are going to introduce you to the upcoming WSOP Champions reunion in 2024. The world’s biggest poker event is about to host its next season. And we are here to fully report you on the event! Keep in mind that the WSOP is hosted every single year. But if you want to be a part of the event, you will have to be ready to play high-stakes matches.

However, what makes these events outstanding and interesting is the fact that you can essentially join as a guest, and play for a lower buy-in table while the main event plays. At the same time, you can watch as poker legends return to play their cards at the table once more. If you are interested in the general poker community, take a look at our collection of online poker sites in the US.

About The Event – WSOP Champions Reunion In 2024

The WSOP main event is going to start as always. To understand how to prepare for a WSOP event please take a look at our WSOP 2024 info. Briefly introducing the event, we are going to travel to Las Vegas to see a series of professional poker players. However, the WSOP goes through several different formats and types of tables with unique buy-ins. Winners may receive a bracelet, which gives them an entrance to the absolute pro tables.

But don’t worry! If you are eliminated or you don’t have the cash, there are also amateur tables. This year is going to mark one of the most unique events because we are going to have a Champions Reunion. You will be able to see the champions of the past making a return for a game! Register at Everygame Poker to begin your poker journey.

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Who Is Going To Be There?

Now, this is where YOU come into the picture! The WSOP Champions Reunion in 2024 is not about the champions alone. There are no champions named yet. According to the WSOP, the Champions Reunion is a unique event, seeking to attract former champions. In case they show up, they will play with everyone else who dares to challenge them. If you knock out a former champion? You will immediately receive an entry to the WSOP main event.

This is a win-win for everyone, except for those who lose at the table. And to receive your invitation to the main event, all you have to do is to knock out one single player. Thus, even losing at the rest of the table is going to grant you an invitation to this event. It is pretty amazing, and this is the first time we have seen something such as this.

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Can I Play At The WSOP Champions Reunion In 2024?

Yes! You definitely can. According to Reddit, there are going to be smaller buy-in tables for those who do not consider themselves good enough, or they just simply don’t wish to stake. However, to challenge the professionals, all you need to do is to win some online games. Of course, you will be able to pay the $5,000 buy-in to start your game. But for that, we recommend gambling awareness.

5K cash is a lot, and you might want to just play at the low buy-in tables instead. Whichever you plan to use, we have the 2023 WSOP player guide to prepare you for everything other than your luck and the cards dealt at the table. Just make sure to plan your whole month accordingly. Because you will need a trip to Las Vegas, and a hotel for a few weeks.

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Streaming And Visiting

According to, the WSOP Champions Reunion in 2024 is going to be streamed through the official streaming sites. Visiting Las Vegas you will need to find a hotel you can afford on top of the buy-in and the living expenses for the time being. The event will run between July 3rd and July 17th. We are going to see people such as Jason Mercier, Vanessa Selbst, Chris Brewer, and of course Phil Hellmuth.

This is going to be the 55th running series in the WSOP. This year, we are going to visit Las Vegas. The event starts as soon as May 28th and ends on July 17th. The event will be held on The Strip, in Las Vegas. Exactly at the Paris LV and the Horseshoe Las Vegas. The entry fee for the main event is $10,000. The cheapest bracelet event is $300. This year Daniel Weinman is defending the champion title.

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Why Should You Come? – WSOP Champions In Reunion 2024

Now that you understand how the whole event works. Let us recommend the event for the general atmosphere. A whole experience of visiting Las Vegas, and one of the fanciest hotels on The Strip. On top of that, you can play and potentially learn from poker professionals. Beating them even with just a beginner’s luck might be the funniest thing ever. Keep in mind that it is expensive.

So you might want to only make such a dedication if you are 100% certain you can afford it. The first WSOP winner of 2023 was not a former professional. Thus, everyone has the chance as long as they truly understand how to play poker. Namely, these events are always Texas Hold’Em unless the event name states otherwise. If you are interested, then you can always just arrange a month of holiday for it.

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Where To Play Poker Online?

This was our general summary for the WSOP Champions Reunion 2024. Keep in mind that all WSOP events start with an online play, where you may receive enough points to win invitations to given games. While you may visit and play low buy-in games, all of the competitive events are going through an online filter.

This gives professionals a chance to join the tournament news. However, it will filter out the sea full of poker pro-wannabes. If you want to start preparing for the event, you can play low-buy-in online games to test yourself and your game knowledge! One of the best websites to use for such practice is Everygame Poker!

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