WSOP Quiz For Fun – Can You Pass This Test

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WSOP Quiz For Fun

The World Series of Poker, or WSOP, is the world’s most famous poker competition series. If you win a World Series of Poker tournament, it’s as if you won the Oscars, you will become someone in the poker world. It’s a series of events. Each player gets the same number of chips, and the winner will be the last person standing. We have written you a quiz so you can test your knowledge. Check out our WSOP quiz for fun! 

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WSOP Quiz For Fun – Questions

1. When did they organize the first World Series of Poker tournament?

  • 1950?
  • 1960?
  • 1970?
  • 1980?

2. How many poker players participated in the first WSOP?

  •  7?
  • 17?
  • 27?
  • 57?

3. How much ($) is the usual entree fee? 

  •  1?
  •  100?
  •  1,000?
  •  10,000? 

4. Where does the World Series of Poker event take place?

  • Caesars Palace?
  • Rio Casino?
  • Bellagio?
  • Luxor Hotel & Casino? 
WSOP Quiz For Fun
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5. How old was the youngest winner?

  • 17?
  • 18?
  • 21?
  • 23? 

6. How many times did the multiply WSOP main event winner manage to win it?

  • 2?
  • 3?
  • 5?
  • 7? 

7. What can you win at WSOP events besides money?

  • Necklaces?
  • Cuff links?
  • Brooch pin?
  • Bracelets? 

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8. How many millions were the biggest main event prize?

  • 2?
  • 6?
  • 12?
  • 16? 

9. Did you know that there is a WSOP video game?

  • Yes
  • No

WSOP Quiz For Fun – Answers

1. The first correct answer to our WSOP quiz for fun is 1970, however, the initial idea was born sometime in the 1940s. Nicholas Dandalos loved poker a little too much and wanted a poker party with the best. He asked his casino owner friend, Benny Binion, to host the unusual competition and invited the best player, Johnny Moss, at the time. The parties continued for five months, and the interest and demand for poker contests grew locally. However, in 1970, it occurred to Binion that they could organize an event for the best poker players in the world.   

WSOP Quiz For Fun
Picture Source: Pixabay

2. Binion invited the world’s seven best poker players for the first WSOP tournament. Carl Cannon, Crandell Addington, Doyle Brunson, Johnny Moss, Puggy Pearson, Sailor Roberts, and Slim Preston. The seven world-class players gathered together, and due to the event’s lack of structure, they voted for the winner in the end. After the first vote didn’t count since everyone voted for themselves for the second time, they chose Johnny Moss as the first WSOP winner.

3. Since the first tournament, the World Series of Poker has come a long way. Today, thousands of amateur and professional players enter the game with a usual $ 10,000 entry fee. However, there were exceptions. Since you can play poker online, there is an option that you can participate in the WSOP for a couple of dollars or even for free. Due to the freerolls and credits, you can qualify yourself for the $ 10,000 competition. Chris “Moneymaker” Smith won the main event and $ 2.5 million for a $ 39 entry fee.  

WSOP Quiz For Fun – Answers

4. How many correct answers do you have on the WSOP quiz for fun? Let’s see if you can add more! Benny Binion owned the Horseshoe Casino, and that’s where everything started. However, due to its increasing popularity, there was not enough space for all the players, so they relocated the competition to the Rio Casino. They organize the competition series each year there. The previous owner of the WSOP, Harrah, has arranged the first tournament outside of Las Vegas. In 2007, the first WSOPE, World Series of Poker Europe, took place in London. 

WSOP Quiz For Fun
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

5. As we have mentioned above, the first WSOP took place in 2007. Among the participants was Anette Obrestad, the badass and brilliant, back then, 18-year-old poker player. It all happened a day before her 19th birthday. She got herself an extraordinary birthday present. She won the main event and set a record as the youngest WSOP winner. It’s quite funny because, in the US, no one will be able to break her record since, according to the law, the age limit is over 21. Check out the other youngest WSOP champions.

6. Two players managed to win the WSOP main event three times. One of the winner’s names you have seen already in this article. It was Johnny Moss, and the other was Stu Ungar. Johnny Moss is on the list of the best poker stars ever. Since he was a teenager, he was around casinos due to his summer jobs. He was the first WSOP event winner, which, in itself, makes him a poker legend, not to mention his record with two more main event wins. Stu Ungar was also a professional gin rummy winner then started playing poker. All in all, we can say that he was either a genius or a very lucky person.


7. Beautiful, unique, expensive, and for some, it’s invaluable. During the WSOP events, the best players win bracelets, which are like the golden statue of the Oscars. It’s the highest recognition in the poker world, so it’s not easy to get one. However, some players have enough to decorate their living room walls. Phil Hellmuth, for instance, won 16 of them. He is the recorder right now, then comes Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey, and Johhny Chan with ten bracelets.

WSOP Quiz For Fun
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8. The winners of the WSOP main events receive a grand prize, which they determine based on the number of entry fees. Since more and more players try their hand at the tournament, the prizes keep growing along with it, as well. The 2006 WSOP is still the most famous tournament in the history of the poker competition. More than 8,000 people entered the game, meaning that the grand prize has skyrocketed. The winner, Jamie Gold, won $ 12 million! This is almost the end of the WSOP quiz for fun. Whatever your results are, the world of poker is full of surprises. Get ready for the next WSOP season and check out the odds at online poker news sites in the US.

The WSOP Video Game

Some video games withstand the test of time, and since it’s also true to real-life poker, its virtual version is no different. There are online platforms where you can play poker from whenever and wherever, like Everygame Poker.

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However, there is a WSOP interactive video game that is still popular. It’s a fun way of passing the time at family gatherings, or it might be a good alternative to those who forget themselves while playing and would spend a fortune in a real game. You can create your own avatar or choose from the game’s selection. 

You get a virtual account of $ 10,000 every virtual year to enter various games. Once you are out of money, you can start a new year with the same amount. You have a chance to play or practice five types of poker. You can select your bets between $ 5 and $ 100 and get your winning compared to that. There are invitational events, as well. The game is on the market since 2005, so don’t expect high-quality graphics, but thankfully it doesn’t interfere with the fun. 

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