You Can Bet On The IPL To Make More Sense Than Biplab Deb

Bet On The IPL

If you had to wager which is more likely to set the internet alight, the Mahabharata or the Indian Premier League, it could be a tough call for anyone sat in a poker room in India these days, however claiming the former proves the net (and satellite tech) existed in antiquity is perhaps something only the most raving mad lunatic in a casino in India might attempt, and by comparison a bet on the IPL this weekend is just plain common sense, but should you choose the Royals or Daredevils to back?

When Biplab Deb, chief minister of Tripura State stated the Hindu epic Mahabharata proved modern tech existed in the 10th Century BC across ancient India he was, almost instantly, roundly mocked by just about everyone. Something the Delhi Daredevils are in danger of in the IPL as they’ve only managed but a single win so far this year. Perhaps that’s why if you do a spot of online gambling in India to bet on the IPL you’ll find they get a scant 13/10 in their next match against Bangalore.

Just Log Onto The Ancient Indian Internet To Bet On The IPL

Bet On The IPL This Weekend

  • M Chinnaswamy Stadium
  • Bangalore
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore – 8/13
  • Delhi Daredevils – 13/10

Bangalore get a far more reasonable 8/13 and frankly might be worth taking advantage of Indian gambling laws to back, they might not have won any more games than their opponents, but their NRR is hardly as dire and their 4 wicket win over the Kings XI Punjab showed they can get it right sometimes. So with two teams vying not to be tail-end charlie in the league this match should be a great watch and perfect for a bet on the IPL, and all you have to do is log on to the ancient Indian internet…

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