You Can Bet On Moto GP Having Competitive Racing Every Weekend

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Whilst Formula One takes its summer vacation the Moto GP season keeps right on going and this weekend they’re in the Czech Republic at one of the most iconic venues on the calendar, Brno, but will this be the race that gives one of the three big contenders the momentum to give them a World Championship title and who should you be backing at Bet365 to win?

It’s very easy to see the problem with Formula One merely in terms of Mercedes winning 90% of the races making it dull, but the real problem is the lack of dramatic racing and a great lack of overtaking. When the television coverage is spending the last dozen laps covering “the battle for sixth place” it just means the leaders are strung out by their engine performance statistics in a dull parade that camera angles just can’t make interesting. Those who like to bet on Moto GP know that’s rare on two wheels.

The wheel-to-wheel racing that Moto GP throws up nearly every weekend stands in stark contrast to the romper-suited go-kart drivers and their minor scuffles, you can almost always bet on Moto GP producing a race long battle rather than just occasional skirmishes. Competitive racing is the norm rather than the exception for the bikers, and this makes it a wholly more fabulous sport to both watch and take advantage of, this weekend, Czech gambling laws to bet upon. But which should you back?

Bet On The Czech Republic Moto GP At Bet365

Bet on Moto GP Championship

  • Marc Marquez – 2/9
  • Jorge Lorenzo – 7/2
  • Valentino Rossi

The favorite bet on Moto GP at sites like Bet365 is still Marc Marquez the Spaniard who already has two world championship titles to his name and despite coming just third last year has bounced back to take an almost comfortable lead on 181 points. His Repsol Honda, No.93, one of the most reliable bikes on the tarmac and his determination to make up for his disappointment last season has pushed him to be an excellent prospect this weekend if you enjoy putting a bet on sports in the Czech Republic.

Of course just like in F1 there’s some big name rivals to Marc Marquez’s march on another title, and just a few wins behind him on 138 points is Yamaha’s big star, Jorge Lorenzo, also from Spain who may only have won one world championship but significantly it was just last year, and he’s already shown he’s hungry for another, but his being able to overhaul Marc Marquez at this point in the season could be a very optimistic bet on Moto GP, especially with Valentino Rossi around to make things fun.

Spanish Moto GP

Marc Marquex of Spain is the current favorite to win the 2016 Moto GP (photo:

Competitive Racing The Norm Not The Exception In Moto GP

Czech Republic Moto GP

  • Track – Brno (Masaryk)
  • Length – 5.4km
  • Date – 21st August 2016

Rossi has seven world championship titles, albeit most recently in 2009, and whilst he is some way back on just 124 points you can never count “The Doctor” out until the checkered flag is well and truly waved. He’ll be looking to make a dent in Marquez’s lead in Brno, but he’ll have to get past Jorge first to do it. Of course last week’s win by Ianone in Austria rather set the cat amongst the pigeons and with eight races left you can definitely bet on Moto GP producing yet more surprises before they’re done.

The bookies give Marc Marquez 2/9 to take the title for a third time, Jorge Lorenzo gets 7/2 to snatch his second and an eighth title for Valentino Rossi? Well the bookies like Bet365 give that just a 15/2 chance of happening, but then look what they said about Brexit and Donald Trump. This weekend will be a superb race, the weather possibly playing a part in the drama, and I won’t be the only non Czech gambling news on Monday will be of an even closer race for the title being on after Sunday’s result.

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