You Can Still Play the Lottery even EuroMillions Spain is suspended

  • Even online sites have been suspended
  • You can still join EuroMillions on TheLotter
EuroMillions Spain

The lotteries were closed in Spain and tickets can’t be purchased even online. But there is still a way to play thanks to online lottery sites, like TheLotter even if EuroMillions is suspended at the moment. 

EuroMillions was launched in 2004 and since then its popularity has been growing year by year. First, it was only available in three countries, in the UK, France, and Spain. Now you can also play it in Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland. There are two drawings every week, on Tuesday and Friday nights held in Paris. And as the draws are scheduled to continue even in the current situation, there is nothing to stop you from playing EuroMillions even if you live in Spain. 

How you can play EuroMillions online

It is the perfect time to try out online lottery sites like TheLotter. With using the site, you can take part in the Austrian EuroMillions. First, you need to register on the site but after you are ready to fill out the ticket. 

EuroMillions Spain
Playing lotto is easier than ever.

So choose five main numbers from 1 to 50 and two different lucky numbers from a pool of 12 numbers. You can get a standard or a systematic ticket which will cover the combinations of your selected numbers. After you made a payment, representatives of TheLotter in Austria will purchase tickets for you. Then scan them into your account. Another advantage of the site is that you will receive free email and SMS notifications if you’ve won. The prizes are transferred to your account. In case you managed to win a bigger amount, you might need to collect it in Austria. 

This week’s Jackpot and the Superdraws

The lucky winners matching all five numbers and the two lucky stars can take their share of the starting jackpot of €17 million with a jackpot cap of €200 million. But there are also 12 secondary prizes in every draw. And that’s not all, as, besides normal EuroMillions, you can also play in the EuroMillions Superdraws. There the guaranteed jackpot is the amazing €100-120 million. The date of the Superdraws is not known, but usually, there are two draws every year. The last one was on the 7th of  February 2020, when a ticket purchased in Madrid, Spain won the unbelievable €130 million jackpot. 

You can win any time, as it was shown this week when the EuroMillions jackpot of more than €63 million has been won by a lucky player from the UK. So if you want to be the next winner, register on TheLotter so you won’t miss any opportunity even though EuroMillions Spain is not available at the moment. 

You can discover more about playing the lottery on TheLotter here.

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