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FIFA might still wear its corruption on it’s sleeve (Qatar is still slated to host in 2022) but with the World Cup on screen every day it’s easy to overlook the sordid side of the world’s most popular sport, and if you’re a fan of England odds are you’ve no time to worry of such ephemera anyway. An untested manager, an awfully young team and the usual unrealistic expectations back home mean this is once again shaping up into a vain glorious chase of hope whatever the tempting prices at Bet365 might hint. ... read more

After the Monaco farce the race in Canada was supposed to get us all back on track but instead we were treated to a Formula One outing with even less overtaking. In a season that has overturned all predictions save that the richest teams will do better than everyone else, will a return to France and the Circuit Paul Ricard give us back proper racing or should we only bet on F1 to continue its rapid slide into travesty? We take a look at what to expect and who to back at Unibet. ... read more