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An unlucky player gambled away $6M from investors. Now it turns out that a dozen investors will still be out of pocket after losing all that money to a fraudster. They had sues the MGM Grand Detroit for the $6 million they lost. But a court ruled that the casino was not responsible.

Hold onto your hats everyone....Google has just announced that it's prepared to change it's stance on US gambling advertisements in 2020. The plan is to ease up on casino advertising and rid the internet of the sweeping ban on gambling ads.

Gambling leads to addiction, puts you in financial disaster, even more, this stressful activity also can get on your nerves. But wait for a moment. What if I tell you there is a way to earn a lot of money without risk-taking and statistics. If you learn how to use the law of attraction in gambling, you can fulfill your dreams and desires. The only thing you have to do is believe in it and follow these 17 easy instructions.

The Conservative government in Britain is cracking down on gamblers. After touting it for years they’ve now instituted a ban on credit card gambling in the UK. This will place pressure both on those who like to bet on sports in the UK, and online bookies. Sites like Bet365 will now have to hope 10.5 million people can change their habits. That’s how many people are gambling with a credit card in the UK right now. Apparently that’s not enough. So here’s 7 reasons it’s a bad idea.

There will be many among us who will not think this goes far enough. That it is merely a step in the right direction. However, it is progress. The ban on credit card gambling in the UK still allows those who wish to bet on sports in the UK to do so. It will simply make it far less easy for those with restraint issues from getting into unmanageable debt. Given that’s a couple of million people you’d think that enough, but for those still not convinced here are 7 other reasons.

The start of 2020 heralds some exciting news for Gamingzion.com. Last year's hard work has resulted in a nomination at the prestigious iGB Affiliate Awards 2020. We're running in the "Best Casino Affiliate Website" category.

When it comes to online card games and myths and facts, gamblers and card players are a superstitious bunch. They like to believe that there is more to luck than just chance. You can find them seriously studying the previous numbers at the roulette wheel with a notebook and pen in hand. Scouring the horse betting card, searching for some sort of pattern that will lead them to the next number, and the dopamine rush of a win.

Here's a complete guide to poker chips. We tend to think more about the cards being played in poker. But an equally important ingredient are the poker chips. We take a seat at the table, buy in and start shuffling these coloreds markers around without giving much thought to their color and use.