10 Weird Sports Rules Which Are Unbelievable

  • Women's dress code is a serious condition to be when it comes to chess
  • One must not take off any clothing item when it comes to most sports
10 Weird Sports Rules
Image source: Wikimedia blog

We know how rules sometimes equal to no fun but we trust that in this regard they are necessary. Rules are essentially the backbone of any sport and without them, it would be pure chaos. Hence, every sport comes with a rule handbook that serves to remind everyone how to be precise in gameplay. However, some rules make one second guess the reason for it even existing. We have 10 weird sports rules for you and you can be the judge of which one is the most bizarre.

Taking a look at several sports rule handbooks we have come to the conclusion that a few of them should not be on the list. Be it rules regarding how to play or as simple as dress code, the specifications regarding them are absolutely confounding. Therefore, we are presenting you with a list that will perhaps make you be more interested in something as boring as rules.

1- No signature equals disqualification

10 Weird Sports Rules
Golf and its elaborate set of rules.

Number one in 10 weird sport rules has to be golf, for it is infamous for having some rather peculiar rules. Other than not being allowed to give tips to other players on the field (weird, I know), you can earn disqualification for another strange reason. In case you forget to sign your scorecard, you can bid farewell to your game. Yes, that is all it takes.

2- No cuts on the legs of show jumping horses

10 Weird Sports Rules
Watch out for those legs. Image source: Tim Hipps / Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Horses in show jumping are required to jump rather high sets of fences. To accomplish this, the horses go through months of training. As a result, the horses can make jumps which may be seemingly impossible. A rule in this regard bans horses from participating which have cuts on their limbs. Online sportsbook news in the UK suggests that these cuts facilitate the horse to jump even higher. But seriously, who would cut up their horse’s legs?

3- Distraction through cleavage not allowed

10 Weird Sports Rules
Do not be distracted.

Essentially, chess requires a formal or smart casual dress code in tournaments. Famous chess player, Magnus Carlsen mostly dresses up in formal which might be suggestive that following the dress code is important. Interestingly enough, women have to dress up keeping in mind they do not distract the other player. Consequently, revealing too much cleavage is banned in chess and can lead to disqualification.

4- Hold onto your hats during a tennis game

10 Weird Sports Rules
Make sure it stays on your head.

Anyone who is a fan of tennis knows that distractions are unaffordable when it comes to keeping your eye on the ball. A rule suggests that if you distract your opponent on purpose this could be a reason for penalty. More specifically, if your hat falls down during the point, the other player can negate the point on distraction bases.

5- Keep your feet in your shoes

10 Weird Sports Rules
Only shoes, please.

The name football is self-explanatory, which means no touching the ball with hands. In doing so one can cause the foul ‘handball’ which results in a penalty. On the contrary, you may not know but you can cause a handball without involving hands. So, another one of the 10 weird sport rules is that you can not touch the ball with your bare feet which too will result in, you guessed it right: handball. Review about bet365 sportsbook suggests that there are odds for how many handballs will be in a game.

6- Zero tolerance policy for left-handed players in polo

10 Weird Sports Rules
Witnessing the hand discrimination. Image source: User: Andreas Polo / CC BY-SA ] via Wikimedia Commons

Bad news for lefties who wish to play polo. Polo is a sport that has a rule of not including players who can not hit with their right hand. The rule-makers deem that it is for the safety of the players involved. Players are encouraged to practice with their right hand to be a part of the sport.

7- Do not aim for the goal with a throw-in

10 Weird Sports Rules
A football throw-in.

Rules are rules. FIFA has a substantial set of rules which result in the game stopping on multiple instances. Online sportsbooks sites in the UK suggest that a throw-in directly into the goal will not result in a score. Eventually, someone’s foot has to be the middleman in this scenario.

8- Keep those shirts tucked in

10 Weird Sports Rules
Race track.

Whatever you do, do not take off your shirt in the middle of a race. The no-taking-off-shirt rule is a rule popular in multiple sports. One might think it might be a struggle to remove a shirt in a race. However, there has been one instance, relating to Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad who unwittingly removed his shirt and was consequently disqualified. Sportsbooks like bet365 had spectacular odds for him winning.

9- Blood will get you in the penalty box

10 Weird Sports Rules
NHL no violence policy. Image source: Flickr

NHL has a strict no violence rule which will get you in the infamous sin box. Depending on the kind of violence one inflicts, the time could vary. In case of inflicting an injury that results in a bloody mess, the player will sit in the box for 4 minutes. Time is money, do not be violent.

10- Australian football has harsh punishments for crowds

10 Weird Sports Rules
Australian football. Image source: Flickr

When it comes to Australian football there is a limit to a number of players who are to be present on the field simultaneously. Considering this, there is a rule which warns the players not to overcrowd the field or you will lose all your points.

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