Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen Special Odds

  • Magnus Carlsen to remain at the too with odds of 1.40
  • Carlsen to wear all 3 crowns again
  • 2900 may not be impossible of the chess grandmaster
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Image source: Lennart Ootes [CC BY-SA] via Wikimedia Commons

Anyone who is into the critical mind game of Kings, Queens and Knights would most certainly be aware of the name Magnus Carlsen. The 29-year-old is at the top of the Chess Universe and certainly hopes to stay there. Carlsen currently holds the highest chess title of Grandmaster which he earned at the age of 13. Therefore, Magnus Carlsen special odds certainly rely on his future in the game which seemingly is on a steep upward graph.

The very obvious child prodigy has been taking the chess world by storm and shows no signs of letting anyone overhaul his achievements. Online gambling news in Norway suggests that their local chess hero is more than accomplished to take over the World Chess Champion in 2020.

Magnus Carlsen special odds point towards another Classic World Championship title win

Carlsen has been the undefeated World Champion since 2013 after rather conclusively defeating the former Champion, Anand. He has since been on a roll and has been successful in defending his title against Anand, Karjakin, and Caruana. The Championship which has a two-year gap will continue in November of 2020. Carlsen remains favorite for the season still.

Magnus Carlsen special odds, sportsbooks, weird bets, betting odds, betting predictions, betting tips, online gambling sites in norway, gamingzion, 1xbet, Blitz, chess, Magnus Carlsen,
Magnus Carlsen at the 2016 Chess Olympiad – Image source: Andreas Kontokanis from Piraeus, Greece [CC BY-SA] via Wikimedia Commons
Currently, Carlsen is at the top of the Classic Chess ratings with a total of 2862 points. However, this is a slight short from his peak rating of 2882 which has been highest in history. Since then Carlsen seemingly has the top spot on reserve. Famous words regarding the player that are surfacing are that he is the best player of all time.

The Norwegian player has impressive odds of 1.40 of staying at the top of the Classic rating throughout 2020. 1xbet sportsbook suggests that he might even remain at the top throughout 2021 with complimenting odds of 1.60.

Magnus Carlsen special odds for the 3 crowns

The three championships in chess are namely: Classic, Rapid and Blitz. Every chess grandmaster would love to wear these 3 crowns all at once. Carlsen is the only player in history to hold all three titles simultaneously. His first time achieving this was when he won against Anand in 2014 and went on to win all 3 titles at the same time.

The chess genius recently went on to repeat one of his most precious achievements in 2019 again. It will not be surprising if Carlsen again manages to win all three titles by the end of 2020. Currently, he is in lead with his rankings for Classic and Rapid, 2862 and 2881 respectively. However, Hikaru Nakamura from the USA holds a mighty 2900 above Carlsen’s 2887 in Blitz rating. In case you believe Carlsen will take over Nakamura before the dawn of the new year, you can bet on 1xbet for odds of 3.00.

Will Carlsen make a historic break for 2900?

Magnus Carlsen is often up for comparison against famous names in chess history such as Bobby Fischer. While many debates that Fischer was one of the greatest players of his time, Carlsen makes the cut due to his technique. Furthermore, when Carlsen made it to number 1 on the FIDE rating, his score was higher than all of the other chess legends.

Having a peak Elo rating of 2882, Magnus continues to improve his game. 2900 in his career will certainly confirm his ranking as the greatest player of all time. Online gambling sites in Norway are definitely supportive of such an outcome with proof of a 12.00 betting odds.

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