2020 LEN Euro Cup Betting Predictions: Only Four Teams Are Still in the Race

  • Only four teams have remained in the LEN Euro Cup
  • Semifinals will be in February 2020
  • Winner of Brescia vs Egri Vk is favorite to win the cup
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After the European Water Polo Championship, fans will concentrate on the European club water polo tournaments, like the Champions League and the Euro Cup.  In the LEN Euro Cup, only four teams have remained, who will meet in the semifinals in February. Italian team AN Brescia is the favorite in the 2020 LEN Euro Cup betting predictions, but the other three teams will surely fight for the title as well. 

The LEN Euro Cup is a second-tier tournament for European water polo teams that couldn’t qualify for the Champions League. The cup has been dominated by Italian and Hungarian teams, and we find these countries again in the last four. Even though last year the French side Marseille won the cup, Italy has the most wins with 10. It is followed by the other water polo powerhouse Hungary, who has 6 victories so far. So hopefully we can see exciting and top-level games soon with the better teams reaching the final. 

Italian win is the most likely result in the 2020 LEN Euro Cup betting predictions

16 teams started the qualification back in September, with 8 teams qualifying to the next round, where they were divided into two groups. The top two teams from each group were then joined by four teams from the Champions League, including AN Brescia

The Italian club has already won the Euro Cup four times, making it the most successful club in the cup’s history. In Italy, they’ve won both the Italian League and the Italian Cup once and reached the finals a few more times. Last season they only lost with one goal against old rival Pro Recco in the final.  It meant that they’ve qualified for this season’s Champions League. But they lost there against Russian side Sintez Kazan in the third round and were transferred to the Euro Cup. 

In the Euro Cup Brescia looks very strong, with players like Nicolo Figari, Marco del  Lungo or Croatian Antonio Buha. You can see more great players in the Men’s European Water Polo Championship, read our summary about it.  Online sportsbooks in Italy are trusting Brescia to win the cup with the odds of only 1.36. But first, they need to win against Egri VK, which won’t be an easy task. 

The other teams you can bet on

Hungarian team Egri VK has become one of the best teams in Hungary, winning the championship three times. Last season they only finished in fourth place, but they still qualified for the Euro Cup. Egri Vk had a longer path to the semifinal, but they successfully took all hurdles so far. They also have world-class players in the team, like Olympic champion Norbert Hosnyanszky and world championship bronze medallist Angelos Vlachopoulos. Facing Brescia in the semifinal is an unlucky draw, but they would need to win against them eventually if they want to become champions. Their odds for that are 4.50 at bet365. 

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Egri VK can reach the final Image source

In the other semifinal Romanian side Oradea will face another Italian team, CC Ortigia. In the 2020 LEN Euro Cup betting predictions these two teams have less chance for the final win, but one of them will definitely be there. Ortigia was in the semifinal last year as well, you can compare their odds from that time.  They finished fifth last season in Serie A1, so they also started the tournament in the first round. They got to the semifinal after beating Greek side NC Vouliagmeni in the last eight. Online gambling sites in Italy are giving them 7.00 odds to win the cup.

The last team we need to introduce is CSM Digi Oradea. They’ve won the Romanian League 9 times, finishing second last season, but they haven’t got big successes at the international level. They managed to reach the semifinal of the Euro Cup in 2017, and now they are hoping for an even better result. Bookmakers are not giving too much chance though for the Romanians, with the odds of 51.00 at bet365. Check these and other odds after reading our review about bet365 sportsbook

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