2021 Logie Awards Betting Odds for the Gold Logie

  • Aussie’s top female television star’s lead the 2021 Gold Logie nominations
  • Comedian Julia poses as a strong contender for the top Logie Awards honour
  • 2015 Gold Logie winner Carrie Winner eyes second win

The Logie Awards will once again be underway to celebrate the top talents of Australian television. Without a doubt, the 2021 hopefuls will be eyeing the Gold Logie, the highest honour at the Logie Awards. At this time, Julia Morris currently leads the race for the highest honour with the best 2021 Logie Awards betting odds.

Once again, the limelight will be on Australia’s television stars as they head to the 2021 Logie Awards. However, there’s no denying that they’re itching to at least get their hands on one particular award. This is, the Gold Logie for the Most Popular Personality on Australian Television. 

At this time, Julia Morries is a shoo-in to win the award with favourable 2021 Logie Awards betting odds. Let’s see how the television star’s winning chances stand against the other top Gold Logie hopefuls on 22BET Sportsbook

Nominee Odds
Julia Morris 4.50
Amanda Keller 5.00
Carrie Bickmore 5.50
Dylan Alcott 6.00

2021 Logie Awards betting odds point to a Julia Morris Gold Logie win 

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Gold Logie – WikiCats at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Without a doubt, Julia Morris is one the nation’s biggest and most celebrated television personalities. Overall, she has an outstanding career in show business as a comedian, television presenter, writer and producer spanning over three decades. 

However, and quite surprisingly, Morris has yet to claim a Logie Award according to the online sportsbook news in Australia. However, according to her current 2021 Logie Awards betting odds, this could all change soon. 

Presently, Morris stands a good chance to write her name in the Australian television history books by winning the Gold Logie. What’s more, she has the best 22BET Sportsbook odds to claim the Logie Awards’ highest accolade at 4.50

Amanda Keller eyes first Gold Logie win 

Surprisingly, television presenter Amanda Keller is also in the same boat as Julia Morris having failed to win a Gold Logie. Undoubtedly, Keller has a career as a television and radio host to be proud of. Furthermore, Amanda Keller is well known as The Living Room host. 

So far, the television presenter has received a respectable seven nominations for both Popular Presenter and Gold Logie award. Now, she hopes to not walk away empty-handed at 2021 the Australian television awards ceremony. 

Fortunately, her current odds of winning on 22BET Sportsbook foresee a successful Logie Awards ceremony for the television presenter. Presently, Amanda Keller has the second-highest 2021 Logie Awards betting odds to clinch the ultimate Gold Logie at 5.00.

Carrie Bickmore returns hungry for more Logie Awards 

Unquestionably, Carrie Bickmore is one television star who’s no stranger to Logie Awards success. So far, the television has racked up three Logie Award, one of which is a Gold Logie from 2015. Furthermore, Carrie Bickmore previously received for other Gold Logie Nominations in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2016. 

Now she finds herself in a promising position on 22BET Sportsbook to grab a second Gold Logie. At this time, she has the third-best 2021 Logie Awards betting odds to achieve this at 5.50

Lastly, Dylan Alcott is another television star with promising odds on the online sportsbooks in Australia to win the Gold Logie. Previously, the wheelchair athlete won the 2019 Logie Award for Outstanding Newcomer for the show The Set. 

Now, he has eyes firmly set on claiming the big Gold Logie this year with odds at 6.00

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