All The Biggest Grammy Wins in History

  • Grammys is the most prestigious music show in the world
  • The next award ceremony will take place on March 15, 2021
  • Who can join the list of the biggest Grammy wins in history?
biggest Grammy wins in history

The Grammys are the most popular and prestigious music award in the world. Getting a Grammy for a song or album takes any artist on a new level. What to say about musicians who were awarded multiple times! Let’s recall the biggest Grammy wins in history to see who rules in the music industry. 

Receiving a Grammy for your super hits is always good, but being among the most awarded artists of all time is supreme. Before the 63rd Grammy show takes place this spring, we decided to see which musicians and singers are record holders of golden gramophones. Check the list of the biggest Grammy wins in history and bet on the upcoming show at online gambling sites in Norway.

Grammy record holders of all time

Let’s start with music artists who won the most Grammys during their life. Surprisingly, there are many singers, composers, and musicians holding more than 20 gilded gramophones! Thus, Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West, Stewie Wonder, Beyonce, and Jay Z have 20-24 Grammy awards each! However, they still don’t enter the top-5, so let’s see who outruns them by the top music prizes won during their lives.

#5. Vladimir Horovitz and John Williams share fifth place. Two legendary composers – Russian and American-born – won 25 Grammys each. Williams is the most-known for his soundtrack to Star Wars and the first three Harry Potter movies. At the same time, Horovitz is also famous for being an exceptional pianist.

#4. Pierre Boulez and his 26 golden prizes are fourth on the list of the biggest Grammy wins in history. He was a French composer and founder of many music schools. 

#3. Alison Krauss is the only lady on this list. If you don’t know her, Krauss is a popular American bluegrass-country singer and musician. She is also the most-awarded woman in the music industry with 27 Grammys. However, Beyonce can surpass her one day as the pop diva has 24 Grammys and can win more at the upcoming ceremony – her odds at 22Bet Sportsbook are quite good.

#2. Quincy Jones is the second-most-awarded at the Grammys. With 28 awards, the American composer and songwriter is so close to 1st place! 

#1. The biggest number of Grammy awards – 31 – belongs to Georg Solti. He was a Hungarian-born composer writing operas. 

biggest Grammy wins in history
Let’s bet on grammys! – Graph+sas, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Biggest Grammy wins in history per night

The list of the biggest Grammy wins in history in one night is no less interesting. Although few artists received more than 6 prizes at once, most of them are familiar to you.

Thus, 7 artists share third place with six Grammys won per night. They are Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Adele, Tom Elmhirst, Roger Miller, EricClapton, and Quincy Jones. 

Only one music artist received seven Grammys at once. In 1971, Paul Simon won 7 statuettes, which was an amazing result by that time. Will someone surpass him this year? Bet on Beyonce or Taylor Swift to win multiple Grammys in 2021 at online sportsbooks in Norway.

Finally, there are two legendary artists who have won 8(!) Grammys at one ceremony. They are Michael Jackson and Santana. The king of pop won his gramophones in 1984, while Santana tied him in 2000.

The next Grammys are coming in March 2021

Will someone enter these lists after the 63rd Grammys? It is possible as several artists have more than six nominations. 

Predictably, Beyonbe tops the 2021 Grammy nominees list with nine nominations. She is followed by Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift, and Roddy Ricch with 6 nominations each. Among them, Beyonce has the best winning chances as her single “Black Parade” perfectly reflects the situation in the US nowadays. Also, you can bet on Taylor Swift to win Grammys as her pre-last album and singles from it were highly appraised by critics. 

Follow the upcoming Grammy Awards on March 15, 2021. 

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