3D Online Poker Site PKR Underwent a Software Upgrade

Renowned British online poker room PKR undergoes a software overhaul introducing new features.

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PKR is an extremely popular online poker room operating in full compliance with British gambling laws. It’s best known for its revolutionary 3D software, which offers members unique gameplay experience.

PKR becomes one of the latest online poker sites in United Kingdom to upgrade its software. The new Version 2.08 delivers a highly entertaining and never-before-seen feature to its members. Players can now order in-game drinks and refreshments for themselves and their poker buddies, sold for PKR points.

The innovation comes complete with a set of real-life sound effects including ice cubes clinking in the glass, while the player’s avatar is enjoying the drink. Members can choose from a wide range of drinks from beer and cocktails to coffee and tea in plastic cups.

On top of the drinks feature, the new software also comes with a brand new playing location – a luxury yacht.

The upgrade is also reported to have solved the multi-table play problems, by allowing users to open several windows at once and arrange them in multiple ways for enhanced convenience. Members can now quickly go from table to table, allowing them to control each and every hand.

Hand recording possibilities have also been included in the software, providing members with an opportunity to analyze their mistakes, come back to an exciting hand, or simply save a great showdown to later boast in front of friends. YouTube sharing is enabled without having to leave the poker table.

A spokesperson for PKR, told United Kingdom gambling news: “Multi-tabling is massive now and we really wanted to nail it with this update. The hand-replay function is just awesome. We love to hear about the royal flushes and crazy bluffs that happen on the site – now everyone can share their favorite plays online and it really opens up the social side of the game.”

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