The 4 Best Spurs Bets in 2019

  • Bookies expect Spurs to reach one of the top 4 places in the league
  • Having a great Champions League run is also a possibility for the North-London club
  • Meanwhile, their squad could get stronger, as we wouldn’t rule out Spurs to sign Bale this summer
The top 4 best Spurs bets in 2019
Tottenham are out of the title race, but they still have a lot to fight for

Though Tottenham are now out of the title race, they’ve still got many things left to fight for this season. While bookies expect them to reach top 4, they also have a chance for great European cup run. Tottenham could have a year they won’t forget – and you too, if you place the right bets on them. We’re here to help you out: these are the 4 best Spurs bets in 2019.

The 4 best Spurs bets in 2019 at BetVictor

Spurs to finish higher than any other London clubs in the league 8/13
Spurs to reach top 4 in the Premier League 4/11
Spurs to play the Champions League final in 2019 5/1
Spurs to sign Gareth Bale in the summer 14/1

For a while, it looked like Spurs are having the season their supporters were waiting for. Neither City or Liverpool seemed out of reach in the league. They’ve reached the semi-finals of the League Cup. Most of their rivals got knocked out of the FA Cup. Things then quickly turned around, and Tottenham found themselves in the brink of another trophyless season.

However, they still have a lot to fight for this year. Spurs are going to have an exciting race for the top 4, while they’ve managed to beat Dortmund twice in the Champions League. The question is: what are their realistic targets now, and should you make a bet on Spurs to achieve something significant this season? We have our answers and made our predictions to guide you through the 4 best Spurs bets in 2019.

Spurs could become the best London team this year as their rivals are struggling

Hazard is the only player Chelsea can count on

At the time of writing this article it’s pretty likely that Spurs are going to finish above Arsenal and Chelsea. It’s not just that Tottenham are having their best ever season for a while now, but meanwhile, their rivals look a bit shambolic as well.  

Chelsea lack quality up front

First of all, the Blues seemed to collapse a bit lately. On the pitch, their biggest problem is probably the lack of goalscorers. Eden Hazard is their only player who could step up in the darkest times. He’s the one who can score a dozen goals, while giving assists at the same time. Neither Giroud or Morata has been a reliable player in the attacking third, and it’s questionable whether Higuain could make a difference in the future.

Furthermore we’ve seen that something’s wrong in Chelsea’s dressing room. It started with the way Mourinho left, then continued with how their class players under-performed in Conte’s second season. Now, it looks like that group of players doesn’t accept Maurizio Sarri as their leader. It’s enough to look at the way they lost to Bournemouth or Kepa’s drama in the League Cup final to come to that conclusion.

Arsenal are still not consistent enough

Online sportsbook sites in the UK also argue that St. Totteringham’s Day is going to be cancelled this year. Though Arsenal are just a few points away from Spurs, it’s going to take a miracle to turn things around. While the Gunners have had some great performances this season, they couldn’t remain consistent, which would’ve been the key to progress. The main problem is with their defence. By the 29th round, Arsenal conceded the most goals within the top 6. Spurs could always mess things up somehow by the end of the season, and they do have fixtures at Anfield and Etihad. However, we predict they’re going to become the best team in London this year.

Pochettino still hasn’t won a major trophy with Tottenham

Pochettino’s squad is expected to reach top 4

Even if Spurs won’t finish the season as the best London club, the main thing for them is to get in the top 4. However, if either Chelsea or Arsenal could make their ways above Tottenham, that would mean that Spurs will have to do something about Manchester United. In our opinion, that’s the hardest bit.

The Red Devils have been absolutely flying under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Some argue that their incredible Champions League miracle against PSG is going to be a curse in a way. They’ll have at least two another European Cup games to play, which could make it harder for them to focus on the league. We don’t agree with that. With these wins, Solskjaer’s Red Army can keep their momentum going. They’ve got the right mindset, and it’d surprise us if they missed out on top 4 this year.

However, as we’ve said it earlier, we predict Spurs to finish above Chelsea and Arsenal. Thus, they’ll grab their 4th (or 3rd) place, and make their way to the Champions League once again. If you don’t believe us, and you’d like to bet against Spurs, it’s completely fine as well. Feel free to visit BetVictor as they’ve got you covered too. However, we believe it’s absolutely reasonable to place a bet on Tottenham’s Champions League qualification.

Playing a Champions League final is the dream now

Super subs like Lamela could get a big role in the upcoming months

This is where dreaming begins. Though it’s going to be extremely hard for Spurs to reach the final, it’s not impossible. Just look at what’s been going on this year in Europe. Real Madrid, PSG and Roma were all knocked out of the competition by underdogs. It’s certain that Ajax, Man United and Porto have an opportunity to grab here – and so do Tottenham.

If they could play Porto in the quarter-finals, for instance, they definitely had a chance to get in the top 4 clubs of Europe. Afterwards, they’ll have two matches to try and chase their seemingly out-of-reach dreams. We’ve seen bigger surprises in world football. If you’re someone who likes long shot bets, this could be one for you.

Spurs do have a chance to sign Bale this summer

It’s getting more and more certain that Gareth Bale’s going to leave Real Madrid at the end of the season. The winger’s expected to make his way back to the Premier League. In our latest review about BetVictor we were talking about how amazing they are when they have to make predictions. However, this time, we believe they’ve got things wrong.

That’s because the guys at BetVictor believe that it’s Manchester United who are the favorites to sign Bale this summer. However, we argue that Bale doesn’t have the stamina to do Solskjaer’s off-the-ball tasks at Old Trafford. He’s different from Lingard, Rashford and Martial, and United would do a much better deal with signing Sancho from Dortmund.

Therefore, we argue that Manchester United are not going to make a move for Bale until Solskjaer’s the manager. However, the Welsh forward is expected to join an English club – and that’s how Spurs get in the picture. The North-London team is Bale’s boyhood club, they love him there. Furthermore, since they’ve finished working on their stadium, they’ll have the required budget for the transfer.

That’s why we believe it makes sense to put a small amount of money on this one to happen. BetVictor‘s odds on the deal are incredible at the moment, so we definitely recommend it for you to check it out.

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