5 Easiest Sports to Bet on for Both Professionals and Amateurs

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  • Football has the highest number of bookies
it's time to learn about easiest sports to bet on

Obviously, the best sport to bet on would be the one that you know the most about. If you’ve been following the NBA for a long time, then you should bet on that. Any little details like a players’ injuries, team rivalry, and conflict within the team would help you. The betting scene has changed a lot since it started. The simple question of who’s going to win the game is no longer interesting. The number of points earned by a certain player or the number of penalties given in one half of the game has come to the question. 

These mean that even though you know all about one game, just predicting the winner of the game wouldn’t get you the amount that you want. You should remember that the ones most likely to get the title are the most obvious ones. Thus, they would have the lowest returns.

Even if you are not a crazy fan who knows the finger size of a player of the team, you can still test your luck on betting. The question of which is the best sport to bet on is quite personal, it all depends on you. Just remember to always analyze your loss or win on the bets and shape your model for the future. According to the online gambling sites in the UK, these are the easiest and best sports to bet on.


To no one’s surprise, football has the highest volume of betters. However, when it comes to if it’s the easiest sport to bet on, the answer is not concrete. As we’ve mentioned before, most of the bets are not about the final result now. If you are a football junkie, that knows the history and rivalry of the teams well, it might be the best sport to bet on for you. The number of penalties or yellow cards is relatively easy to predict for such fans. 

Despite this, most professional gamblers try to avoid football and focus on tennis, darts or basketball instead. That’s because football is a low point game. It’s harder to predict the outcome since the occurrence of random scores is higher.


If you’re not a fan of tennis, which you probably are, it might come as a surprise. As a game that doesn’t even make the headline, it’s pretty impressive. Except for the grand slams- the US Open, French Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon, the audience of the games is pretty low. However, people often refer to tennis as the easiest game to bet on due to its consistency. 

Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Andre Murray have been in the top three of these grand slams for at least 10 years now. Serena Williams dominated the women’s game, before that it was Maria Sharapova. The outcome of the games are pretty easy to predict, thus the return of the bets are lower. If you’re looking for small but safe cash, this might be the one for you.

Horse racing

Obviously this one is not as big as it used to be. If we’re talking about the peak success of horse racing, we should go way back to the imperial era. Luckily for us now, the tradition has stayed except that the wagering has opened its door beyond the royals. Take the Kentucky Derby for an example. One of the world’s earliest, most prestigious races is now open for anyone to bet, with amounts starting as low as two dollars. 

here you can learn about the easiest sports to bet on
Horse race in the snow

As mentioned before, wagering on horse racing goes a long way back to history. The betting system has immensely developed, it’s almost like a scientific field now. As long as you study the manuals and keep up with the professional booklets that race organizers release, this one would easily be one of the easiest sports to check out at bet365.


Similar to tennis, darts made it into the top five when it comes to the easiest sports to bet on. Actually, the low volume of the fans and players have made this game a wager’s favorite. There are relatively few professional players in the game and with such huge gaps between each other that it’s pretty easy to study them. 

Once you’ve watched enough games in the season, you can see the players’ form and predict the champion. However, due to this advantage, the turnout of the darts bets are not as high as football or basketball. 


Boxing has been chosen to be one of the easiest sports to bet on because of its simplicity. There are only two players in a game and the result can go in three ways in total. Either one in the red corner or one in the blue corner wins, or they draw. 

If you know that the players’ shapes are close to equal to each other, you can almost flip a coin. Betting on boxing is not as complicated as other sports, so it’s the one to go for if you’re betting for fun. 


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