666BET’s Shady Reasons for Not Paying

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666BET is still presenting suspicious reasons for customers’ denied withdrawals .

After 666BET online betting site director Paul Bell’s arrest in the end of March, the company’s licence was suspended by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). The customers of the online casino in the UK launched a campaign in order to receive the funds frozen in their accounts after their withdrawals were denied.

In response to the actions of the unsatisfied clients 666BET released a statement: “While the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) have stated that we do not require a licence in order for customers to withdraw their money and authorised us to do so, this is misleading as it does not recognise the fact that, as a web-based company, we need to be online in order for customers to action their withdrawals via their accounts.”

666BET’s reasons for not paying seem to be unclear

In response to 666BET claiming that they are unable to give their customers access to their funds due to the suspension of their licence, the UKGC stated: “The Commission made it clear,… ,Metro Play Limited,… ,is authorised to settle any outstanding winning bets that it accepted in reliance on its operating licence and return any outstanding balances to customers – and we expect it to do so.“

It was a further complaint on the behalf of 666BET that an approval is needed to process payments through third party services, who had declined their requests to carry on payments to the owed customers. According to gambling news, the UKGC confirmed that a request for an approval was never made.

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