7 Ways To Tell Your Favorite Casino Is Full Of Olympians

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With all eyes on the 2016 Rio Olympic Games it can be very easy for people to become complacent and without warning suddenly discover that their favorite casino is under siege from these much touted Olympians we keep hearing about these days. In order that you can withdraw to Bet365 online at the appropriate moment we thus present the top seven ways to spot it happening around you as you gamble.

1. Everyone is wearing something ghastly

Games of the XXXI Olympiad

  • 5th – 21st August 2016
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Bet365 has all the odds

This is a dead giveaway and should be the first thing you notice if your favorite casino is invade by Olympians. You may not notice their youthful athleticism or overly-smiley, happy faces but there’s just no way you can miss some of the outfits national Olympic committees deem appropriate for their representatives to wear. For instance should you see anyone in a T-shirt of wholly Russian colors it could well be someone from the US gambling news of their designer’s mistake hasn’t got out yet.

Keep calm russian

While in a Russian casino, though…(Photo: alibaba)

2. Every time they win they run around the table slowly to celebrate

Another sure sign your favorite casino has been inundated by Olympians the time weathered ritual of the “Lap of Honor” is a long held dream for many of these athletes so they’re likely to take any excuse as a good excuse. Should you find your fellow blackjack players get up and circle the table after a winning hand waving at people, be suspicious, should they hold up their chips and kiss them smirking, be very suspicious and if they wear a flag over their shoulders, it’s too late, you’re surrounded.

Usain Bolt lightning bolt pose

Great pose for winnig (Photo: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images)

3. They all claim winning isn’t as important as taking part

If, whilst sat at the roulette table for instance, you should overhear someone loudly proclaiming that participation is a reward in of itself, that they’re loving every minute of it and just trying to absorb the experience there’s a very good chance your favorite casino is awash with Olympians and you need to be cautious. Likewise conversations about “The Village” should be treated with deep suspicion and if you put a bet on sports in the US be sure to listen out for pertinent knowledgeable comments nearby too.

4. Everyone in your favorite Casino is ill

Don’t listen to those fools at the CDC, if you walk into your favorite casino and discover everyone either scratching at bites on their or looking like they’ve just been seriously poisoned you may wish to ask about their recent travel activities. The 2016 Rio Olympic Games has issues with both the Zika Virus and massive water pollution (Bet365 has neither issue) and you can use that to identify possible Olympians. Intimate contact with those who have recently traveled to Rio is NOT recommended.

5. They keep a trash can burning the entire time

A little akin to moths Olympians are drawn to flame, and should at any moment during your time in your favorite casino a selection of youngsters hove into view carrying a piece of burning plastic fueled by flammable gas then set fire to a trash can and insist it remain burning for the entire duration of their stay you should be aware that this is typical Olympian behavior and it’ll only be a matter of time before they’re giving each other necklaces, flowers and failing to sing their national anthems coherently.

6. The drugs they’re selling in the bathroom aren’t recreational

There’s a time and a place for everything and the bathroom of your favorite casino should stock the usual variety of recreational highs for the cultured gentleman or lady, it shouldn’t be a barely disguised laboratory doling out substances that give no instant effect whatsoever and, whilst we’re on the subject nor should there be people monitoring who is urinating how and taking samples for WADA either. A good rule of thumb is that if they don’t have a single syllable name for it, you don’t want to take it.

7. Someone is trying to cash a medal for chips

Whilst Olympians might be the world’s winners in terms of athletic achievement and prowess this does not necessarily make them smart or sensible gamblers and should you, whilst waiting to get some chips at your favorite casino, notice anyone attempting to swap a 2008 Beijing or 2012 London bronze Olympic medal for a few dozen chips you should probably go take advantage of US gambling laws on Bet365 instead and get out immediately. You could be mere moments away from a Mexican wave.

olympic medals as casino chips

What’s the conversion rate for gold these days?

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