A Guide To The Best Online Sunday Poker Tournaments


Posted: May 13, 2024

Updated: May 13, 2024

Sunday, being a free day from work obligations for the vast majority of people has now become a favourite day for online poker players. After all, they can relax and play the whole day without a single worry. Because of this, all the large poker websites run tournaments on Sundays.

The early 2000s poker boom cemented Sundays as the undisputed champion of the online poker week.  Imagine a day brimming with the biggest tournaments, the most lucrative prize pools, and hundreds of action-packed events. Every online venue throws its best offerings onto the Sunday schedule, creating a smorgasbord for skilled players. But with such an abundance of poker choices, planning your online Sunday poker tournaments can be a challenge. So today at Gamingzion.com, we’re taking a deeper look into what makes poker on Sunday so popular. 

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The Allure Of Online Sunday Poker Tournaments

According to online poker news in the US, Sundays offer a staggering variety of tournaments. Whether you crave fast-paced “turbo” events, high-stakes “high-roller” experiences, or anything in between, Sundays have it all. Large fields, bounty-building opportunities, freezeouts, and mixed games. You can even find multi-day tournaments. If you’re looking for nonstop action, Sundays are the place to be.

Strategic Savings

The weekly online tournament schedule reaches its zenith on Sundays, with the legendary PokerStars‘ Sunday Million being a prime example. Seen as a cornerstone of online poker tournaments, the Sunday Million boasts a rich history dating back to 2006. Recently, the buy-in for this prestigious event was lowered from $215 to $109, making it more accessible. This trend isn’t isolated – Bet365Poker mirrored this move, slashing their flagship Sunday tournament entry while keeping the prize pool intact. To celebrate the undisputed king of online poker days, similar discounts can be found across other tournaments hosted by major platforms.

Online Sunday Poker Tournaments  – Prize Pools Fit For Royalty

Many Sunday tournaments boast significantly boosted prize pools. This translates to a single truth for poker enthusiasts: there’s simply more money to be won!

online Sunday poker tournaments
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In essence, Sundays reign supreme in the online poker world due to the sheer number of tournaments, enticing buy-in reductions, and the potential for staggering prizes. So, if you’re looking to take your online poker experience to the next level, mark your calendar – Sundays are calling!

Boosted Prize Pools

Often, poker sites will host special Sunday versions of their regular daily tournaments. They have the same format. But prize pools are boosted so that there’s more money to play for. You’ll also find an array of different tournaments with similar buy-ins to other tournaments in the weekly schedule, but with vastly larger prize pools. Whichever way you look at it, there are tantalising amounts of money up for grabs on Sundays.

Multi-Buy-In Levels

Sundays aren’t just for the high rollers in online poker! Sure, there are those massive prize pool tournaments that get your heart racing. But that’s not all. Whether you’re a beginner with a smaller bankroll or a seasoned pro looking to go big, there are special online Sunday poker tournaments designed for every type of player. Some sites even offer the same tournament at different buy-in levels, so you can choose what fits your budget.

Think of it like this: imagine PokerStars has a “Sunday Supersonic” tournament. They might have a “Mini” version for just $22 with a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool, a regular “Sunday Supersonic” for $215 with an $80,000 prize pool, and even a high roller “Sunday Supersonic High Roller” for $1,050 with a $35,000 prize pool. That way, everyone can get in on the action!

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€365 redeemable bonus

€365 redeemable bonus. €365 bonus is redeemed in instalments based on Status Points earned. Tickets and prize wheel spins expire after seven days. Time limits, exclusions and T&Cs apply. For more information about this offer please visit the website.

Lets Play On Sundays

Sundays on the major poker sites are basically a nonstop poker party. Tournaments run all day long, so you can hop on whenever you’re free and grind away. But it’s not just convenient. There’s a real buzz and excitement on Sundays. Even if you just play in one tournament for a couple of hours, you’re part of something bigger. Thousands of players around the world are all competing in these special Sunday events. This makes it all a pretty cool experience.

The Crown Jewel – The Sunday Million

PokerStars’ Sunday Million is the big daddy of all online Sunday poker tournaments. While other sites might occasionally host events with larger prize pools, the Million boasts an unparalleled longevity. In fact, it’s the cornerstone of the weekly online poker scene. However, PokerStars’ rivals aren’t idle. Some of the best online poker sites in the US have created their own impressive tournaments. You’l find them offering comparable prize pools at accessible buy-in levels. We guess that their aim is to dethrone the Million’s dominance.

When Does The Sunday Million Take Place?

Normally, PokerStars’ Sunday Million kicks off at 18:00 WET each Sunday. While there’s always a slight chance of schedule adjustments, this start time is highly likely to remain consistent in the near future.

online Sunday poker tournaments
Picture Source: Wikimedia commons

To stay ahead of any potential changes, consult any online tournament calendar. It’ll provide precise start times, dates, and late registration deadlines for all major online poker tournaments.

Online Sunday Poker Tournaments Schedule Changes

Absolutely! The online Sunday poker tournaments schedule across the main platforms undergoes frequent changes. While core tournaments likely remain stable, certain elements like buy-in levels, guaranteed prizes, tournament structures, and start times might change as the sites refine their offerings. Use an online tournament calendar from Bet365Poker to stay up-to-date on these changes. You can be sure not to miss any exciting Sunday poker tournament opportunity.

Don’t Let Holidays Fold Your Game – Online Tournaments Keep Running

Across the world, bank holidays and national holidays bring a temporary halt to many activities. But fear not, poker enthusiasts! The online poker world doesn’t follow suit. Online Sunday poker tournaments keep running strong. They continue to offer a chance to play and potentially win big during these festive periods.

Christmas Cheer And Online Deals – Online Sunday Poker Tournaments

Take Christmas for example. While brick-and-mortar casinos might close their doors, online poker continues to thrive. The virtual nature of the games eliminates the need for live dealers and physical locations. Thereby making it far more accessible during holidays.  The regular schedule might see some adjustments. But rest assured, there will still be thousands of online poker tournaments for you to join the action over Christmas and other holidays.

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