MMA Fight Passion with UFC: Abu Azaitar and Marc-Andre Barriault

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Abu Azaitar vs Marc-Andre Barriault preview

The next exciting professional fight for combat sports lovers and bettors will be on 28 March.  Two successful fighters Abu Azaitar and Marc-Andre Barriault will fight.  If you also like to be involved in fighting and feel its passion, Abu Azaitar vs Marc-Andre Barriault preview is open for you. Who has more chances?

The next mixed martial art passion in UFC 260 Fight Night  

If you are among combat sports fans you know that UFC is one of the famous and largest promotions. UFC organizes fights between competitors of different fighting disciplines such as Boxing, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Karate, Taekwondo, and Judo. Fighters are free to combine the various techniques of these disciplines. Actually, in the early years, the main purpose was just to identify the most effective martial art in a contest with minimal rules and no weight classes between competitors.

However, as time passed it got more popular and became a separate style of fighting known as present-day mixed martial arts. If you visit 1xBET Sportsbook you will see UFC names full of mixed martial arts fights. You can choose one of these fights and bet on Abu Azaitar vs Marc-Andre Barriault preview. If you want to read more UFC fights and betting on combat sports this article could be helpful for getting more info.

Now let’s turn to our fight between Abu Azaitar and Marc-Andre Barriault and compare both of the fighters’ performances. The first analysis then compares for more success. Let’s start with Abu Azaitar whose nickname is a gladiator. He started his professional fighting in 2009 with an unsuccessful fight against Volker Dietz. In spite of this, he continued fighting after a two years interval and won three fights in the same year. According to the fighter’s recording list, each year active fighters took part in approximately three bouts. All these fights finished with his victory beside two. Abu Azaitar’s last fight was against Vitor Miranda in 2018 which he won also. Since that fight, the fighter hasn’t participated in any bout. What do you think of his next fight with Marc-Andre Barriault which will be the first fight after 3 years?   

Abu Azaitar vs Marc-Andre Barriault preview: intervals, losses, and titles will be stimulation factors?

The opponent of Abu Azaitar will be Canadian mixed martial arts fighter Marc-Andre Barriault with the Powerbar nickname.  Let’s look at his fights and performance since he started as an amateur. In the early years of his fighting competed in FightQuest Amateur Combat. As seen in his early years of career results as an amateur he won three out of six fights within 2 years. In 2014 he turned to professional fighting and in a fight against Strahinja Gavrilovic, he won Hybrid Combat Middleweight Championship.

The fighter, the second time fought with Strahinja Gavrilovic and again got victory over him as a result got the TKO Middleweight Championship. The other title, TKO Light Heavyweight Championship Powerbar won by defeating Adam Hunter via KO. Maybe he can win the next fight via KO also. What do you think of Abu Azaitar vs Marc-Andre Barriault preview? However, if you need more info about how to get money on marital art, this article is exactly for you. Don’t hesitate to read and use shared tips.

The upcoming fight with Marc-Andre Barriault will be his first fight three times losses and one-time NC. Actually, 2019 was very unsuccessful for the fighter because he lost three of the fights which entered. As seen, both of the fighter’s performances in this fight will be very challenging and exciting. Why? Because Abu Azaitar will fight again after a three years gap while Marc-Andre Barriault will fight after 3 losses. Who are you going to bet on Abu Azaitar vs Marc-Andre Barriault preview? If you have already chosen your fighter and search for the best betting sites use online sportsbook sites in the US opportunities.

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