Adelson-controlled Las Vegas Sands Corporation Sued Again

Posted: March 19, 2012

Updated: October 4, 2017

Las Vegas Sands Corporation just can't help not being sued for breaches of contract.

The billionaire casino mogul, Sheldon Adelson, will see the company he controls sued again. Las Vegas Sands Corp. was challenged in the court by Asian American Entertainment for a breach of contract as the claimant has applied in the court for $375 million in damages.

The issue involves a claim by Asian American that Las Vegas Sands made two bids for a gambling license in Macau, the only place under Chinese gambling laws where casinos can operate unencumbered by the strict betting regulations.

The first bid the defendant made was in partnership with the claimant, while the second bid Las Vegas Sands made with a competitor without disclosing the issue to its bidding partner, Asian American.

This is not the first time Adelson’s company is being sued. There are, at least, two recent lawsuits related to Macau operations where the Nevada company was challenged in the court. One case awarded a Hong Kong businessman $44 million for his help in assisting the casino operator with winning a license.

Another case, where Las Vegas Sands settled, included three men who teamed up the company with Galaxy Entertainment which resulted in an entry into a multi-billion Macau casino market. The former Chief Executive for Macau is also suing the gambling operator for wrongful termination.

In order to avoid similar multiple issues related to land-based casinos, many promoters are increasingly seeking to help with internet betting in China as affiliates as it resolves many misunderstandings between partners as software accounts well for who acted as a referral source.

Another area of competition for licenses and clients will likely involve mobile casinos in China since the quick spread of smartphone technology and advanced mobile casino software is gearing up the mobile gambling with unprecedented bettors seeking to wager on-the-go.

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