Alessia Trost Is For The High Jump In Rio This Summer

Alessia Trost

Italian Alessia Trost stands 1.88m tall and has been a high jumper since her youth, she currently jumps for G.S. Fiamme Gialle where she’s coached by Gianfranco Chessa, and this summer she’s off to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janiro to take on the world’s best high jumpers as she stretches for her dream of a gold medal, but will we see her at the top or bottom of her undulating performance curve?

Alessia Trost

  • Nationality – Italian
  • Age – 23
  • Sport – High Jump

    The high jump was, of course, part of the very first Summer Olympics way back in 1896 and the very first gold in the sport was won by American Ellery Clark, however due to prevailing attitudes at the time the ladies were not invited to see who could jump highest until some 32 years later. Alessia Trost is fortunate that in 1928 the Women’s high jump was introduced and oddly it remained the only jump the ladies could enter at the Olympics until the long jump became permitted in 1948.

    The first lady to take a gold in the high jump was the fabulously named Ethel Catherwood from Canada, and it’ll be her that Alessia Trost tries to emulate this summer at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and with the World Record falling three times previously at the games and only standing at 2:06m it’ll be one humdinger of the competition in the Maracana this August, and if you like to bet on sports in Italy you could do worse than take a punt on this leggy jumper from Pordenone.

    Alessia Trost Could Be A Good Bet At Bet365

    Olympic High Jump

  • Mens’ since 1896
  • Womens’ since 1928
  • Rio Venue – Maracana
    • For some the Olympic dream is the peak of an irresistable arc of success, the fairy tale, but for others it is a far harder fought battle, and Alessia Trost knows both the dizzying heights of victory and the mentally tough lows of defeat. Her career a rollercoaster that began with a stunning pair of golds in 2009 first at the World Youth Championships in Brixen in front of a home crowd, and then at the European Youth Olympic Festival in Turkey. She wowed the crowd and jumped 1.87m.

      Alessia Trost

      Alessia Trost (Photo: Zimbio)

      Matching that initial success however was harder to achieve and in the Youth Olympic Games the following year was beaten back into second place at just 1.86m. Overcoming that disappointment was tricky but when she jumped over 2.00m indoors in 2013 the pressure was back on again, and in the European indoor championships only managed 4th which she describes as “very hard for me mentally” but if you’re Italian gambling news headlines won’t be printing Alessia Trost’s name after Rio, think again.

      Will The High Jump World Record Be Broken In Rio?

      Bouncing back is what Alessia Trost does best. After the U23 European Championships in Tampere, Finland, where she jumped so massively she slumped to just 7th at the World Championships in Moscow, and only managed a silver at the European Indoor Championships, however she then returned to form and got back the U23 European title with a 1.90m jump in Tallinn. The question is, can she improve on the fifth place she managed in Portland USA at the World Indoor Championships just this year?

      Certainly if you’re going to take advantage of Italian gambling laws to bet on the Olympics in Rio this summer at Bet365 you could do far worse than to back Alessia Trost, she’s due for another moment of brilliance and under the harsh glare of the attention she may just do very well indeed. It might be a tad optimistic to think she’ll grab gold, but she is capable of it on her day, and if not gold she can expect a bronze, I suspect, so make sure you wager at Bet365 accordingly.

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