Australian Lottery Jackpot of $40M Won by Working Class Family


Posted: March 25, 2016

Updated: March 25, 2016

Steve’s family had a history of financial struggles, yet their problems were solved as well as the future of their children was secured by the $40 million Australian lottery jackpot they had won.

A Cinderella story has emerged from this week’s Australian gambling news as a family with a long history of financial struggles won the $40 million OZ Australian lottery jackpot. Steve’s family has been working 15 hours a day, seven days a week for long years before this miraculous Australian lottery jackpot changed their life.

Well, not fully as family father Steve claimed that the family from Harvey, south of Perth will continue to live a normal life despite the $40 million Australian lottery jackpot that they have claimed in a one lump sum. He spoke about his first experience after he had found out that he won the $40 million Australian lottery jackpot, He said, “I was crying, shaking and bawling my eyes out all the way home.”

Australian lottery jackpot ensures a more comfortable life for the winning family

He added, “We’re going to keep working for now but we are looking forward to a few extras like taking our caravan on a holiday, upgrading from budget airlines to business class, and ordering room service when we stay in a hotel.” He also spoke about how important was this for him as he knows that the future of his children is safe now.

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