Baby Betting: More than Just a Guess at the Date or Gender


Posted: December 10, 2019

Updated: June 4, 2020

  • Take a bet on the date of birth or gender
  • Everybody can join in
  • The money can help pay child support

Yes, baby betting is a real thing. Feeling nervous after your Tinder date without contraception? Here you can have complete strangers bet on the out come, whether gender, sex or even if it’s yours.

Introduction: Baby Betting. More than just a Guess at the Date or Gender

Of course, the idea of having a flutter on subjects surrounding birth are really nothing new. Just like using GTbets. It just sounds kinda creepy having strangers somehow taking an interest in something that maybe should be personal. Well, get over yourself and get used to it. Now everyone’s gearing up for the birth of your efforts to save the planet. Thanks to the Internet and technology, everyone and their dog with an Internet connection can have a guess with your newborn and a bet on the hair color, number of fingers or whether the IQ will be below 75. (OK maybe I made those last two up).

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Baby betting: Look what the Stork dragged in

Congratulations, You have Triplets and one is Black!

There is now a plethora of sites around the theme of “baby betting”. Remember those sad people betting on whether Prince Harry and Megan’s spawn would be a ginger? Or those betting on whether Conor McGregor would name his son “Rosebud flower chops”. These sites have cute names like,, (sounds like a Xenomorph from Aliens), and Some offer the possibility of betting without any monetary involvement. Just having a guess or placing odds for or against a particular outcome. A fun diversion, like using GTbets if you like. Then there are the more serious sites. These are based around the same algorithms that Sports books use. You can calculate the odds and place real bets. With real money. These latter one can actually help the parents financially. After all no one said babies are cheap.

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Baby betting: Twins – double the costs

This site allows you to set up a baby betting pool with real cash ans real monetary payouts. This can be an excellent means for raising cash for later on in the child’s life. Your betting pools are free to set up, though the site does take a percentage of the winning payout.

A simple free site which allows the normal punts of gender, weight, date of birth etc. The interface is super easy to understand and guest can sigh up as well.

Instead of using the word “bet” this site uses the word “hunch” instead. Here you can bet on things like the babies weight, hair color and first letter of name. There’s no money involved.

Again, a simple and easy to use site that simply assigns a number to your overall predictions. No money is involved, just the thrill of getting as close as possible to the babies details.

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Baby betting: Just like daddy, baby has expensive taste

Baby Betting: Baby Give Me The Cash!

Cash baby betting sites can all be set up slightly differently. But the general ideas are the same. Just like sportsbooks in the US. You can bet on the standards like date of birth or weight. But also you can have a flutter on first initial of the baby’s name or it’s hair color. They all keep track of the pool and the parents don’t have to worry or stress about winners. It’s also a great means of raising some much needed cash. Let’s face it, babies are going to cost you an arm and a leg. And for almost 18 years. Wanna save for collage? Pay to decorate the new baby room? Or buy that cool vintage toy car so your little bundle of pride and joy can look soooo cool on his/hers Instagram feed. You could even pay out to the winners of the pool. (Bro tip: You don’t want to do that!).

Baby Says Potato

With some sites you’ll be needing to register and yet others are free. You might find some, especially the monetized ones, to be using a rather complicated system. Like the algorithm in sportbook in the US betting. But no worries. The site will take care of all the “math”, leaving you free to worry about how a diaper works. It used to be that seeing the words “ baby” along side the word “betting” was kinda cringe. But that was in that quaint old age before the Internets. Even though the idea has moved beyond a tiny flutter among friends, this is the modern age, and everyone can take part. Just look at it as inclusive. It’s not like you’ve got a live webcam for the birth! By the way, if you’re in Ireland, don’t clip the babies nails!

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