Ban On VIP Casino Accounts In The UK

  • Bonus programs in online casinos not only attract new customers but also make the gambling process more enjoyable.
  • However, some people see in loyalty programs a peculiar call for excessive gambling.
  • The UK Gambling Commission may put a ban on VIP casino accounts.
ban on VIP casino accounts

The UK Gambling Commission has proposed limiting the use and even putting a ban on VIP casino accounts. According to them, loyalty programs in online casinos encourage players to make large deposits and make more bets. The Gambling Commission believes that the existence of special conditions for VIP-clients makes both ordinary and privileged players spend more money. Therefore, this factor leads to an increase in the number of people dependent on gambling. In this article, we have decided to look if the UK Gambling Commission has a real reason to ban VIP Casino accounts in the country. 

What do you need to know about VIP programs in online casinos?

Any online casino wants to detain its players for as long as possible. Indeed, each gambling platform doesn’t want to let them go to their competitors. And to achieve this goal, online casinos in the UK can go for a wide variety of attraction methods. One of the most common – is the program for privileged customers or the VIP casino program. Nowadays, all the leading online gambling sites in the UK actively practice it. Such a VIP program can start right from the moment of registration in the system. However, it happens on the condition that you deposit a certain amount of money.

Besides, each online casino has its own rules that must be followed. For example, some gambling platforms increase profitability for their VIP customers, others provide larger bonuses and so on. Sometimes such programs are completely limited to certain gaming slots. Therefore, if you intend to become a member of the VIP club in the future, then initially choose a casino with the most comfortable conditions for you.

According to statistics, most customers of such a program prefer to redeem points received under the loyalty program for real money. But make sure that your online casino provides a similar service. Also, there are different multilevel programs. Suppose you have reached one level, and at the next, your privileges will be even higher. Just check what they have in Bet365 Casino! Having a privileged status is not that bad, isn’t it? So why does the UK Gambling Commission want to put a ban on VIP casino accounts in the country?

ban on VIP casino accounts
The UK Gambling Commission monitoring every step of the UK Gambling Industry

The UK Gambling Commission may put a ban on VIP casino accounts

In January 2020, representatives of the UK Gambling Commission said they were considering banning VIP accounts at online casinos together with the other bonus programs. In their opinion, these programs are aimed solely at making players more likely to return to the site. Besides, the members of the commission are seriously concerned about the spread of gambling addiction among the population. To begin with, the organization proposes to limit the maximum deposit amount for players. Besides, the Commission calls for the development by operators of a unified code of responsible behavior in the gambling market. This provides an equation in the rights of all users of online casinos. This decision may impose a ban on VIP casino accounts.

According to the British regulator, currently, online casinos and bookmakers receive most of the deposits from VIP clients. However, as statistics show, they are a part of a small fraction of the total audience. After a statement about the possible ban on VIP casino accounts, shares of the largest British bookmaker and online casino operator William Hills, gambling operator GVC Holdings and provider Playtech fell by 2-4% on the London Stock Exchange. This has seriously shaken the world of gambling. Many online casinos are worried and do not know what measures to take. Is this the end of the existence of VIP privileges?

Is there a need to ban the VIP accounts?

VIP programs are undeniably extremely important. In many industries, it is already customary to offer the highest level of services and the highest quality level of products to those who can afford it. For example, different airlines do not limit themselves only to economy class, including in the list of services business and first classes. They also offer their customers membership cards and loyalty programs. With their help, often-flying passengers accumulate “flight” miles and receive rewards for their activity in the framework of these programs.

No exception is the online casino. Loyalty programs and VIP accounts are designed for different levels of rewards, introducing a certain element of the game into the player’s life. Customers can receive deposit bonuses, free spins, and psychological satisfaction from reaching new levels or from rewarding points. Besides, players who make impressive deposits and often visit the casino become valuable customers. It is not surprising that online platforms seek to reward them accordingly with various privileges.

However, not everyone agrees on this issue. According to some legal systems, lawmakers see in loyalty programs a peculiar call for excessive gambling. The UK Gambling Commission wants to prevent mass addiction. However, is it something to do with the VIP accounts? These privileges exist not only to attract customers, according to the online casino news in the UK. They are created to make the gambling experience more enjoyable. Bet365 Casino loyalty programs offer their customers different bonuses and rewards. In this way, you earn much more than lose. So is there a need to put a ban on VIP casino accounts? The answer is clear – “NO!”

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