Basic Lottery Ticket Types Explained

  • There are two basic lottery ticket types
  • Number tickets vs scratchcards: what will you choose?
  • You can play all existing types of lottery games at theLotter
lottery ticket types explained

Playing the lottery blindly is not the best way to hit the jackpot. To have chances to win or, at least, not to lose lots of money, you should know what tickets fit your budget. Here you have all lottery ticket types explained.

The lottery is the most popular game of luck in the world. This form of gambling is widespread even in countries that ban other gambling activities. Probably, everyone has bought lottery tickets and tried guessing numbers in order to hit the main jackpot at least once. However, purchasing tickets blindly is a controversial way to succeed – you should know what types of tickets fit your goals.

Lottery ticket types explained

Basically, each lottery game has its own types of tickets. They make it different for a number of reasons, starting with the prevention of scamming and ending with the creation of its own recognizable brand. However, there are two main kinds of lottery to play either offline or at online gambling sites in China. Here you have lottery ticket types explained.

Standard number tickets

Standard lottery tickets are common paper (electronic at online sites) tickets with numbers written on them. Rules of playing such tickets are simple: you have to cross out numbers and then wait for the draw to learn whether you win or not. Commonly, standard tickets have 30-80 numbers, where you have to pick at least five to win. For example, the popular European lottery EuroMillions has tickets with 50 main numbers and 12 “lucky stars”, where you have to make seven picks altogether.

lottery ticket types explained
Take your chance!

The most popular worldwide lottery, Powerball, offers 69 numbers to choose from plus additional 26 numbers. Read some tips on how to win the Powerball lottery as it offers the biggest jackpots among all lotteries. In general, numbers on standard tickets vary from one lottery to another. 

Here you have the advantages of these lottery ticket types explained. The major plus is a big jackpot. The more numbers you have to choose from, the bigger payout you get. However, the possibility of hitting the jackpot is not too big. You can still win some money from guessing 1-2 numbers, but to cross out all winning combinations you have to be extremely lucky. 


The second of two popular lottery ticket types explained – it is scratchcards. They work mostly like a pre-drawn lottery: you buy a ticket with hidden numbers, reveal them, and learn about your jackpot immediately as the winning combination is already there. It is a very popular type of lottery at theLotter as you can play it for free in a demo version.

Scratchcards are a bit less popular in the world than number tickets, but still have many dedicated players. They are more entertaining though: unlike the lottery, here you can draw not only numbers but various symbols and icons. For instance, there are animal- or Zodiac-themed scratchcards, tickets with gems, lucky symbols, four seasons, special holiday editions, etc. 

As you have lottery ticket types explained, visit online lotto sites in China to make your choice.

You can discover more about theLotter here. 

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