Bernie Binned As Liberty Media Bet On Formula One

Bernie and the formula 1

The US based Liberty Media have finally concluded their take over of F1 but does this herald a bright new future for the flagging motorsport or is this $8bn bet on Formula One destined to fail without the decades of experience that Bernie Ecclestone brought to the table?

Take Over At F1

• Bernie Ecclestone Out
• Chase Carey In
• $8bn Buy out
• Liberty Media

If you like to bet on sports in the UK it is certain that the odd bet on Formula One will have occurred to you over the years, but would you be willing stake $8bn on it? Liberty Media have done just that and as their gradual take over is completed the final piece of the puzzle was put in place as long time supremo Bernie Ecclestone was ushered from his position, the Formula One Group (as we must now call it) chairman taking over the role left vacant and its inherent responsibilities to the sport as a whole.

Of course precisely what Chase Carey, Vice Chairman over at 21st Century Fox media, can do to improve the somewhat wayward progress of F1 remains to be seen but as he takes the reins he’s certainly talking a good game, and those that bet on Formula One regularly can expect a more modern approach, especially where digital media are concerned. Bernie never liked the internet and refused to engage with it, Chase Carey is far more savvy to the new media landscape and F1’s position upon it.

New Digital Landscape For F1 Racers

F1 Champ 2017 At Bet365

• Lewis Hamilton – 11/10
• Max Verstappen – 3/1
• Daniel Ricciardo – 4/1
• Valtteri Bottas – 4/1
• Sebastian Vettel – 16/1

There are, naturally, a few soppy souls who are sad to see Bernie go, but at 86 it was time for the man with his finger on the pulse of the sport to actually be able to find his own, and whilst no one who bets on Formula One would deny the service he did the motorsport his eventual deterioration has done it no favors. Stale and confusing the sport needs an overhaul and if you’re in the UK gambling laws of common sense will see Liberty keep its touch light on the tiller for a while, guess again.

“F1 has huge potential with multiple untapped opportunities.” Said Carey, “I have enjoyed hearing from the fans, teams, the FIA, promoters and sponsors on their ideas and hopes for the sport.” Going on to add “I would like to recognize and thank Bernie for his leadership over the decades. The sport is what it is because of him and the talented team of executives he has led, and he will always be part of the F1 family.” Albeit in a tone that implied it should be in a locked attic somewhere far way.

You Can Bet On Formula One At Bet365 In 2017

Bernie considers himself to have been “forced out” and despite still being Chairman Emeritus (a title he claims not to understand) is manifestly bitter at not being allowed to continue ruling over his private fiefdom of posh boys in romper suits. Of course with Liberty Media planning a more forceful attempt to push the sport in the US their success could just underline how staid it had all become under Bernie, and those who bet on Formula One failing because of the US may yet be proven wholly wrong.

Bernie Ecclestone in 2017 in Formula One

So… a new direction? (Photo: Reuters)

A bet on Formula One could be simple if you’re picking the next champion (It’ll be Lewis Hamilton) at Bet365, but Liberty hope to create “20 super bowls” with their pre-race build up – let’s call it ‘hype’ shall we? – and that’s a pretty big gamble in a market that has traditionally preferred the simplicity of NASCAR and drag racing and no one in the UK gambling news reports will be of hugely different attendance or viewing figures in the US within the next season is just being as optimistic as Liberty are

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