Best Actor In a TV Movie/Limited Series Odds at Golden Globes 2020

  • The main competition will set up between Crowe and Harris
  • Best actor award can go to Russel Crowe for The Loudest Voice
  • Jared Harris is nominated for the lead role in Chernobyl
Best actor in a TV movie/Limited series odds
Who will receive an award?
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This year, acting nominations at all prestigious awards amaze by its strong competitiveness. 2020 Golden Globes are not an exception too. According to Best actor in a TV movie/Limited series odds, the fight for the prize will be no less tough than in the Motion picture acting categories.

2019 was a pretty rich year when it comes to acting. The lasting year gave us such powerful performances as Adam Driver’s one in Marriage Story, which is the Oscars number 1 so far. Then here come three iconic actors – Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci – from The Irishman. Each of them will compete in the upcoming award race. Finally, there’s brilliant Joaquin Phoenix aka Joker from the same-name movie, who is people’s absolute favorite.

However, not only the actors from the big screen pleased our eyes this year. Let’s not forget no less powerful performances that TV stars gave us in various miniseries. Here are the top 5 of them who got a nomination for Best Actor in a TV movie/Limited series at the Golden Globes:

  • Jared Harris (Chernobyl) – 1.25

  • Russell Crowe (The Loudest Voice) – 5.00

  • Sacha Baron Cohen (The Spy) – 9.00

  • Sam Rockwell ( Fosse/Verdon) – 11.00

  • Christopher Abbot (Catch-22) – 21.00

Best Actor in a TV movie/Limited series odds: who will win?

Best actor in a TV movie/Limited series odds, 1xbet, bet on golden globes
Russell Crowe is the main favorite [Eva Rinaldi from Sydney Australia [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons]

According to the online sportsbooks predictions, the main competition will arise between Jared Harris and Russell Crowe. Both actors gave an outstanding performance in Chernobyl and The Loudest Voice correspondingly. Harris’s portrayal of Valery Legasov, the scientist who helped to cope with the consequences of the nuclear disaster that took place in the Soviet Union in 1986, was highly evaluated by critics and viewers. He got a nomination for Emmys but lost to Jharrel Jerome (When They See Us). This time Harris seems to be the favorite with 1.25 odds on his victory. 

Gladiator to win?

The only serious Harris’s rival will be Russell Crowe. A 55-years-old actor got a nomination for the Golden Globes for The Loudest Voice. His Roger Ailes, a real-life character, is hardly visible as a former Gladiator star. Crowe experienced an impressive appearance transformation via wearing special makeup, wig, and gaining extra weight. The Golden Globes jury has definitely evaluated his efforts as he has the second-highest odds on his victory – 5.00. Add to this the complexity of his character – a chairman of Fox News accused of sexual abuse – and Crowe becomes one of the main favorites at the award race.

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