Best Lottery Odds in Kazakhstan


Posted: July 23, 2020

Updated: July 23, 2020

  • These are some of the lotteries that are the most popular in Kazakhstan
  • You can play huge lotteries from around the world with online lotto sites in Kazakhstan
  • National Lottery of Kazakhstan has started operating again with the help of Scientific Games
Image source: Santeri Viinamäki / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Ever since online lottery sites and online casinos started to emerge, having a lack of lottery to participate in became no longer a problem. However, because of the overwhelming amount of lotteries, finding the best one to play has become a struggle now. In order to help you make your decision, we have made a list of some of the best lottery odds in Kazakhstan.

So what makes the lottery best one amongst the others? Obviously, the best lottery odds and the amount of jackpot are the most important features. The bigger the jackpot is, the smaller the odds are going to be. Also, you can’t forget to look at the general odds of a lottery as well as the jackpot odds. For example, the odds of winning the jackpot in MegaMillions is 1 in about 258.9 million. However, the general odds of winning any kind of prize is 1 in 24. So even the odds of a jackpot is not one of the best lottery odds in Kazakhstan, it’s worth playing.

National Lottery gets makeover by Scientific Games

The National Lottery of Kazakhstan has been operating since 1998 and is relatively young. Recently, the lottery has gotten quite a makeover by the joint effort of Scientific Games and JSC Satty Zhyldiz. The joint venture is determined to make the National Lottery have one of the best lottery odds in Kazakhstan.

The management of the lotteries will be under the control of JSC Satty Zhyldiz while Scientific Games will provide games, service, and other technological support. You can play the National Lottery by purchasing a ticket from any of the 3000 local retail centers or simply from the online gambling sites in Kazakhstan.

International lotteries are some of the ones with the best lottery odds in Kazakhstan

Not surprisingly, some of the lotteries with the best lottery odds in Kazakhstan are international lotteries. Accessing international lotteries from almost anywhere from the world is now easier than ever. With online casinos in Kazakhstan, the residents can enter any lottery they want. That’s why lotteries based abroad are more popular in the country. They have better odds and the jackpot prize is higher. Some of the most popular are EuroMillions and Powerball.

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Play EuroMillions from Kazakhstan

EuroMillions is Europe’s second biggest lottery, taking two draws each week. The minimum jackpot prize is 13 million euros, sometimes rising up to 200 million. The jackpot prize rolls over, meaning that if a week goes by without a winner, then the prize money is added to the next week’s prize. However, the cap of the jackpot is 200 million euros. So if no one guesses the numbers right after the prize has reached 200 million euros, then the money will be divided amongst the other division prizes.

best lottery odds in Kazakhstan
Let’s play Euro Millions

There are 13 different combinations of winnings. The chances of winning any kind of prize is 1 in 13, making it one of the best lottery odds in Kazakhstan. The best way to play EuroMillions from Kazakhstan is to use online sites. After thorough research, we’ve found theLotter to be the best one to play EuroMillions online. It has been in an online lottery business since 2002. It’s a  long enough time to gain enough knowledge to offer the best possible experience for the players.

Play Powerball from Kazakhstan

Another popular lottery with the best lottery odds in Kazakhstan is Powerball. Available in nearly everywhere around the world, Powerball is one of the biggest lotteries in the world. The players need to match 5 numbers out of 69 as well as one PowerBall from 1 to 26. There are nine winning combinations for the lottery and the jackpot grows until someone wins it. Unlike most of the lotteries, the prizes for the divisions except for the grand prize stays the same.

best lottery odds in Kazakhstan
Let’s play PowerBall – Image source: Flickr

The chance of hitting the jackpot is 1 in 292201338. Even though it sounds quite impossible, it’s still slightly better than MegaMillions’ odds which is 1 in 302575350. What puts the Powerball on the list of best lottery odds in Kazakhstan is the overall odds. Chances of winning any kind of prize in Powerball is 1 in 24.87.

Laws and regulations of lottery in Kazakhstan

The National Lottery Organization of Kazakhstan was found only in 1998. However, lotto games are no stranger to the residents of the country. There used to be a handful of games during the Soviet era. The Lottery organization has struggled a bit since its establishment, having problems with finance and eventually going bankrupt. Recently they had an agreement to collaborate with Scientific Games in order to keep the National Lottery going. Now, Scientific Games is responsible for the technological side of the organization.

As for the online lottery, currently, there are no licensed platforms operating in Kazakhstan. Apparently, there’s no prohibition in running an online lottery business. So it’s a matter of time until the local businesses to bloom. Until that time, other international sites are sufficient for the locals. Some of the most popular ones that offer the best lottery odds in Kazakhstan are theLotter, 1xBET Lottery, and You can read a review about these sites and more from our online lotto directory in Kazakhstan.

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