How Numerology Increases Your Winning Chances


Posted: July 23, 2020

Updated: July 23, 2020

  • Numbers surround us everywhere.
  • Some people believe that numbers can magically influence fate and various kinds of events in their life.
  • In this article, we will talk about how numerology increases your winning chances in gambling.

It is no secret that not every person perceives numerology as serious science. Quite controversial is the fact that numbers can somehow magically influence fate and various kinds of events in your life. As a rule, people rarely give sacred meaning to numbers. Nevertheless, everyone, without exception, has a favorite number. In this article, we will talk about how numerology increases your winning chances in gambling.

Numbers surround us everywhere: they are used in all sciences while covering all spheres of human activity from trade to space exploration. Indeed, you don’t need to be a scientist to use numbers in your daily life. But is there any sacred meaning in them? Let’s find it out!

The history of numerology

Going back in history, we would like to note that numerology as a science appeared in the Middle Ages. Scientists of that time had already suggested that mathematics was the key to unraveling the innermost secrets of nature. Besides, they paid particular attention to numerology in Arab and Asian countries. And today this science does not lose its popularity in certain circles. Since numbers surround each of us everywhere, the field of gambling is also no exception. In both real and virtual establishments, gamblers are constantly dealing with elementary mathematical calculations.

How Numerology Increases Your Winning Chances
Lucky number 17!

For example, the Chinese have a special attitude towards gambling. They believe in numerology and are sure that number 8, for example, brings good luck. The fact is that in Cantonese and Mandarin dialects, the word “eight” is consonant with the word translated as “prosperity” or “good luck.” However, the numbers 5 and 4, according to Chinese gamblers, are unlucky. These two numbers are generally not held in high esteem in China. It is not for nothing that many Hong Kong hotels do not have floors numbered “4” and “5”. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Learn more about Unlucky and Lucky Numbers before gambling in the online casinos in the USA. Our tips will show you how numerology increases your winning chances.

Should you be superstitious to increase your winning chances?

Thousands of gamblers are superstitious. They believe in mascots and follow rituals designed to lure luck. Thus, it is likely that all this can bring success, but only in games that do not require skill and experience to win. Numerology can be believed or ridiculed. However, regardless of your attitude towards it, numerology has long become an integral part of the world of gambling. As you already know, this science originated in ancient times. Great minds believed that with the help of numerology, many secrets kept by nature can be revealed.

Some gamblers are especially superstitious, so they try to get support through the use of certain magic symbols in the game. Therefore, deriving their tactics of the game based on the chosen digital combinations, such people desperately believe in luck and keep their thirst for excitement to the last. Additionally, they have certain dates when you can visit the casino, and when they advise not to visit it. 

These dates, again, are calculated from certain astrological data, such as the phase of the moon, for example. Whether this approach is reasonable and whether it affects luck will remain a mystery. Anyway, we suggest you use any method that can help you make real money in the Bovada Casino. Therefore, read our tips on how numerology increases your winning chances and find your lucky number!

How numerology increases your winning chances

The task of numerologists comes down to determining the “lucky numbers” for people depending on certain factors, such as date of birth and astrological data. Sometimes a particular number accompanies a person everywhere throughout his life while being in the phone number, in the serial numbers of documents, on the car, and so on. Even the unsuccessful number thirteen can bring good luck to someone. And gambling is no exception.

How Numerology Increases Your Winning Chances
Numbers can describe the secrets of the universe

For example, for many people (not only for casino visitors), but the number “seven” is also of particular importance since it is associated with good luck. Often in games, gamblers choose numbers as their bets that coincide with significant dates, be it the birthday of a loved one, a certain significant date in world history, or even the serial number of a passport. They feel that this will help them succeed. So how numerology increases your winning chances in gambling? It helps you make the best betting decisions while you are gambling in one of the online casino sites in the USA.

How to determine your lucky number?

To find out your lucky number, you should observe the events taking place in your life. For example, if you live on the 4th floor, were born on the 4th and got a good job on the 4th, then this figure plays an important role in your life. You can check this by making a bet on “4” on the roulette table, for example, or by purchasing four lottery tickets. You can also read our articles about What Is the Luckiest Number in the Lottery and Tricks For Predicting Roulette Numbers.

This information can help you make real money in the Bovada Casino.

Numerology and money

To play successfully in a casino, gamblers often take into account the meaning of numbers concerning money: 

  • 0 – an empty number that cannot give a positive result;
  • 1 – starts a number series, which means it can give a prize; 
  • 2 – is a useful figure that can double the profit; 
  • 3 – active number, well suited for the lottery;
  • 4 – a stable figure symbolizing wealth; 
  • 5 – usually players keep 5$ in the wallet to attract money there; 
  • 6 – an unsuccessful number, can lead to financial losses; 
  • 7 – brings good luck; 
  • 8 – a changeable number that can bring both a solid win and a big loss; 
  • 9 – a neutral number. 

This is how numerology increases your winning chances in gambling. Indeed, most players are fond of numerology and believe in it. Check it out yourself and, who knows, maybe you will become a millionaire tomorrow. The recipe is simple – find your lucky number, visit the Bovada Casino, and earn real money. Good luck!

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