Best Poker Tournaments in 2020 – Events Calendar

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  • If traveling is not a problem, visit Vegas and Malmo for the best land-based poker events
best poker tournaments in 2020

What are the best poker tournaments in 2020 to participate in? Here are some offline and online events one should not miss this year – from WSOP to partypoker competitions. Learn about all poker games that are worth taking part in each month and add them to your schedule!

Previously, we wrote about the best slot tournaments in 2020 that are worth your time and attention. What about poker though? This popular card gambling game has the biggest number of competitions held annually, including the most famous World Series of Poker. Apart from WSOP, there are plenty of other interesting events, either offline or online, that are still scheduled for 2020. Let’s see what they are.

Best poker tournaments in 2020 in land-based casinos

Land-based casinos in Vegas, Macau, and other popular gambling destinations still are the most popular places for holding poker tournaments. Although online gambling sites in the UK also offer plenty of competitions, feeling like a James Bond playing high stakes in a luxurious casino is priceless for most people. Here are the best poker tournaments in 2020 taking place in the world.

WSOP 2020

As we have already mentioned, the World Series of Poker is the top event in Vegas. The most prestigious poker competition exists for many years already and it is still the most popular among gamblers. 2020 is not an exception. 

The 51st edition of WSOP had to take place in May-June 2020 but was postponed for a few months. The new date for holding the tournament is July-September, so you still have time to book tickets. More than 100 events are waiting for you this year, including even online games. Thus, you can follow $400 Online No-Limit Hold’Em, $777 Pot Limit Omaha, $1000 No-Limit Hold’em Championship, and 11 others at the WSOP official site.

best poker tournaments in 2020
These are the best.

2020 Grand Poker Series

Another event that changed its date is the 2020 Grand Poker Series. Initially, the competition was scheduled for May-July but was postponed until fall. The Golden Nugget’s management will announce the exact dates later.

The original GPS 2020 included 105 events featuring mostly $100-200 buy-in events. At the same time, high-rollers, VIPs, and pros can take part in $1000+ events like Seniors High Roller NLHE or Omaha Hi-Lo Championship. This is a good alternative to WSOP primarily thanks to lower entrance fees and a bigger variety of events.

Malmo Open Poker Week 2020

Open Week in Malmo is one of the best poker tournaments in 2020. The event will take place on August 4-9 and no changes seem to be ahead. The Casino Cosmopol in the Swedish city is ready to welcome all visitors as this country is open for guests. From kr400, poker fans can purchase buy-ins for No Limit Hold’Em – a 2-days competition – and 7 other events. 

Another great poker event in Malmo – Ace of Spades – will take place this September. If flying to Sweden will be still impossible for you, check partypoker to find the upcoming online poker event there as it will be broadcast live.

2020 Victorian Poker Championships

There are also many poker tournaments in fall with the 2020 Victorian Poker Championships at the top. The tournament will take place on October 7-20 at the Crown Melbourne Casino in Australia. Guests of the 2020 Victorian Poker Championships can visit almost twenty various poker events in 13 days, so there is a chance to cover all interesting games this year. Play all kinds of poker for various prizes here! The detailed information and schedule will be announced very soon by the event organizers, so follow the news.

best poker tournaments in 2020
Let’s play!

Play online or live: best poker tournaments in 2020

Online and live poker games are very popular nowadays, so a large number of competitions on the Internet does not surprise anyone. Check the best ones and also follow poker streamers to see how professionals play online/live poker in tournaments. There are mainly two kinds of online poker games to watch this year.

Poker Masters 2020

The 2020 Poker Masters is one of the most awaited poker events in the gambling world. Watch it live as the competition management decided to hold the event online due to the world situation. The tournament was initially scheduled to take place in Vegas last spring but then moved to fall 2020. The exact dates of holding the 2020 Poker Masters are October 30-November 6. Within the 2020 Poker Masters, the USD Poker Masters 08 will also take place, so do not miss it!

Partypoker tournaments 2020

Most interesting and profitable poker events of the year can be found at partypoker. This popular poker site offers hundreds of competitions every day! For instance, June 22-23 has more than 600 online games to take part in with other players. The most popular of them are Classic, Deepstack, and varieties of Bounty Hunter, where you can pick either pot-limit games or play without jackpot limitations. Buy-ins start from $0.10, so even if you do not win, you will not lose much. If luck smiles on you though, the jackpot will be satisfying though (pay attention that it varies from a game to game).

Partypoker also allows you to play such kinds of poker as Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, and Texas Hold’Em. The number of players can change, but we recommend choosing rooms with up to 5 players as it will increase your winning chances. Pay attention to the number of players before you sign up for a tournament.

To stay tuned to all Partypoker updates of events, check online poker sites in the UK. The schedule renews daily – as soon as the previous tournament is finished. Averagely, there is a minimum of 300 tournaments to play every day. Good luck!

You can discover more about PartyPoker here.

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