Best Time to Buy Lottery Tickets in 2022

  • Want to buy a winning ticket?
  • Then be sure to check out the lunar calendar
  • In this article, we will discuss the best time to buy lottery tickets
best time to buy lottery tickets

Want to buy a winning ticket? Then be sure to check out the lunar calendar. There you will find favorable and unfavorable dates for buying tickets. The influence of the lunar phases affects which lottery tickets one gets in hand – winning or blank. So how one can increase the chances of victory. In this article, we will discuss the best time to buy lottery tickets. Let’s get started!

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When Should You Be Lucky In 2022?

Many of us have often dreamed of winning a large amount in the lottery. However, most likely, it happens that the lucky ticket bypasses us. Have you ever wondered if there are the most favorable days for winning? Or that the horoscope and the lunar calendar are of great importance both in luck to hit the jackpot and in general? Which lunar day is it better to buy? Let’s take a closer look at this. Indeed, lunar calendars have been around for many years. Our ancestors also used it to predict events. They relied on all the information that this natural satellite of the Earth gave them. Most people today rely on memorable or favorite dates when choosing numbers on a lottery ticket. However, to win the lottery, it is best to turn to science – astrology. Even based on scientific research, we can conclude that more than half of the winnings occur on a lucky day. Meanwhile, about 3% fall on an unfavorable day:

  • For March 2022, the forecast of the lunar calendar promised success on the 3rd, 5th, and 7th.
  • In April, these are the following days: 8, 20, 24.
  • In May, for lottery games, it is better to give preference: 6, 17, and 28.
  • June – in the first month of summer, favorable days for purchasing tickets will be 6, 20, 28. July – in the middle of summer, the 2nd and 24th of the month will turn out to be happy days.
  • August – and at the end of summer, it is better to buy a lottery ticket on August 1st, 10th, and 16th.
  • September – Autumn, in turn, will delight fans of cash prizes with numbers 11 and 14.
  • October is good luck in the lottery, in the tenth month you should expect 7, 8, and 21.

Best Time To Buy Lottery Tickets: Neutral Days

Remember that it is better to buy lottery tickets these days, as our space satellite Moon is in its growth phase. During this period, all processes are successfully influenced, and in particular, our wallets are well replenished. Also, many experts are sure that luck can be caught on days such as Wednesday and Saturday.

best time to buy lottery tickets
Don’t forget to but lottery tickets in neutral days…Picture Source: Flickr

And an additional tip: when you go for this purchase, tune in as positively as possible. Indeed, think of something nice. All these pleasant thoughts will work as best as possible. Be sure to tune in to win. And one more thing is the clothes in which you buy tickets on online lottery sites in the USA. Avoid the colors reds and yellows as they scare away cash prizes. 

Among all this, it is worth mentioning the presence of the so-called neutral days. This is such a day when you can go and do some important thing, for example, or go buy the same lottery ticket. But if it is possible to transfer it, then it is better to do it that way. Neutral days include: 3, 5, 12, 13, 22, 25, 27, 30. Besides, learn about the Best Place to Buy a Lottery Ticket. In this way, you can surely increase your chances of winning.

Caution, Not Favorable Lunar Days!

Now let’s move on to unfavorable days. Do not buy lottery tickets these days. Indeed, it’s better not to risk it here. First of all, Tuesday is considered the most unlucky day for winnings and money in general. It’s not recommended to try your luck on Friday either. In this case, the winning percentage will be no more than 5%. Also, pay attention to the unfavorable days in May, when you should be careful: on the day of the new moon – 5th; in the first quarter of the moon on May 12; especially on the full moon, it is May 19 and May 26 in the last quarter of the phase. At the very least, these days will not bring you any luck. Unfavorable days are: 4, 9, 15, 18, 19, 23, 26, 29. But what is the best time to buy lottery tickets on theLotter website? 

Moon Phases: Best Time To Buy Lottery Tickets

Within one month the moon phases change from one zodiac sign to another. And it is in each one for no more than 2-3 days. If you associate your specific actions with the position of the moon in a particular sign, then the more likely you will achieve success and you can safely proceed to the idea of ​​winning the lottery. The main thing is to outline a goal for yourself.

best time to buy lottery tickets
Picture Source: Pixabay
  1. Moon phase in Aries. At this stage, many people notice qualities such as haste, impulsiveness, impatience. In this case, it is not necessary to particularly engage in matters that require precision and scrupulousness. Best numbers to win: 5, 13, 38, 40, 44. Lucky days: 1 and 27.
  2. Taurus. Fast lottery draws will give you great chances of winning. Most often, it is not professional players who are already doing it skillfully, but those who play just for fun. Suitable numbers: 9, 10, 22, 27, 30. Meanwhile, it is better to buy a lottery ticket on the 14th, 16th, and 24th.
  3. Gemini. It’s best to avoid gambling these days. Better to postpone this matter for later. You don’t have to play games. Good numbers: 12 and 16. Auspicious days: 5 and 16.
  4. Moon in Cancer. Here the numbers 1, 14, and 33 can bring good luck. And days: 1 and 26. This is an auspicious time to win the lottery. Try to play the lotto.
  5. Leo. This is the right moment to win at slot machines. The lucky numbers to win during this period will be 1, 22, 33. Lucky days: 8 and 11. More information you can find in our Gambling Horoscope.

Lotto Horoscope

  • Moon in Virgo. Here the lucky numbers will be 10, 29, 41, 42. And the days to win: 1, 21, 30. However, generally, this is a pretty bad time to buy lottery tickets. At best, try to avoid this.
  • The moon is in Libra. There is also a negative gap when you should not count on luck in money. When is it better to buy lottery tickets: 2 and 22. And the numbers are only 10, 31.
  • Moon in a scorpion. The period when you should not waste your finances, even buying or participating in raffles. Meanwhile, the auspicious day is on the 9th.
best time to buy lottery tickets
Picture Source: Pixabay
  • Sagittarius. On the lunar calendar, this is a good time to play cards. You’re in luck here. Favorable days are 4, 12, 16. And good numbers would be 1, 11, 30, 44.
  • Moon in Capricorn. Better not buy lottery tickets these days. It will neither benefit you nor enjoy it. The best days are 5 and 25.
  • Moon in Aquarius. Successful days: 10, 15, 20. The lunar calendar promises luck in slot machines or roulette. Favorable numbers: 3, 12, 18, 32.
  • Pisces. Good time to win at cards. Indeed, use your luck especially on the 22nd and 30th. Of all the zodiac signs, they are the luckiest ones. Very often Pisces get everything just like that. And all thanks to their magical charm. However, only if there is support, they most often hit the jackpot. Also, the lunar calendar suggests that intuition tells them that they should try. And even a clear understanding and desire to win plays into their hands. The stars themselves cannot resist this and help them in online lottery sites in the USA.

Conclusion: Best Time To Buy Lottery Tickets

The lottery horoscope for 2022 will smile at everyone, you just have to find the right moment. Buying lucky tickets will bring you financial wealth, you just have to take into account all the nuances and, of course, believe in yourself. As we already understood, the Moon has and has great importance in all spheres of life.

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All lunar phases affect plants, animals, seas, and oceans. Always refer to the lunar calendar, even if you are just planning to plant a flower. Believe us, everything in this world is connected. And for big plans and undertakings, always keep an eye on auspicious days in the lunar calendar. After all, it’s not for nothing that we intuitively always think on what date to make an appointment, or on what day to make a major financial purchase. We are asking the question for a reason. The universe itself gives us clues. So let’s put our trust in her. And to increase your chances of winning in theLotter read our article What to Do If You Win the Lottery. Good luck!

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