Don’t Bet Against Donald Trump In 2020 Just Yet Folks

Bet Against Donald Trump

The victory of Doug Jones in Alabama set the dogs loose in the chicken coup and the juggernaut of administration currently occupying the White House looks ever closer to seeing its wheels come off. However does the defeat of Judge Roy Moore in a traditionally safe Republican seat really mean that you should bet against Donald Trump? A political wager may not be the same as a bet on sports in the US as on the NBA or NFL, but frankly it’ll be just as risky as backing the Dolphins to win the Super Bowl.

  • Will the Republicans bet against Donald Trump in 2020?
  • Is Mike Pence a better bet at 8/1 than Trump at 2/1?
  • Will Elizabeth Warren beat her 10/1 odds to be the first female President of the United States?
  • Should you back 16/1 chance Bernie Sanders to win next time round?

The special election in Alabama to replace Jeff Sessions who had to relinquish his seat when he become US Attorney General seemed unlikely to thrill until the accusations against Roy Moore, alleging sexual misconduct with a minor, came to light, however despite the shock victory of Doug Jones, first Democrat to win in Alabama for twenty five years, the result is perhaps not the sign one should bet against Donald Trump in the 2020 election that at first it may appear to those awaiting such omens.

Statistically, according to the analysts over at CNN, only 15% of voters both believed the allegations against Roy Moore but voted for him anyway, and whilst this does prove there’s a sizable portion of the population that needs professional mental help, the fact that the election became not a race for a senate seat but a referendum on a pedophile means you can’t take it as being an indication you should take advantage of US gambling laws and bet against Donald Trump just yet, the margin was way too small.

Can Trump Shrug Off The Alabama Defeat So Easily?

Jones got 49.92% as opposed to Moore’s 48.38% and that goes some way towards explaining why Moore hasn’t conceded yet, it’s hardly the biggest margin, and certainly not the landslide that would make me rush out and bet against Donald Trump winning the White House again in 2020. The Republicans fielded a horrific candidate who waved a gun about on stage and rode a horse to vote in his own election, an error they’re unlikely to replicate in other races come the mid-terms next year.

Don't bet against Trump

The online bookies like BetVictor recognize this, and whilst the Democrats are cock-a-hoop over their win in Alabama potential candidates to run for the top job in 2020 are still languishing in the odds, a bet against Donald Trump hampered by both the political leverage of incumbency and the seeming willingness of a massive swathe of the US electorate to believe the opportunistic lies spouted by a president recently described as “unfit to clean toilets in Obama’s presidential library” by USA Today.

Bet Against Donald Trump At BetVictor

US Presidential Election 2020

Joe Biden – 25/1
Cory Booker – 25/1
Mark Zuckerberg – 20/1
Michelle Obama – 20/1
Bernie Sanders – 16/1
Kamala Harris – 12/1
Elizabeth Warren – 10/1
Mike Pence – 8/1
Donald Trump – 2/1

Of course the Alabama loss has thrown the Republican party into turmoil, sent Steve Bannon into the outer reaches of ridiculousness and made a lot of observers wonder if the party won’t ditch Trump prior to the next election. If the mid-terms go really badly, they might, but don’t bet against Donald Trump taking responsibility for the Republican party’s defeats, he doesn’t take responsibility for anything else and anyone in the US gambling news headlines will feature a presidential mea culpa anytime soon are insane.

Sure you can bet against Donald Trump and back Cory Booker at BetVictor but his odds are 25/1, even Michelle Obama does better at 20/1, and whilst Bernie Sanders clings to 16/1 he doesn’t really have a chance at his age, and whilst Kamala Harris gets 12/1 and Elizabeth Warren 10/1 to be the next President neither one is as likely as Mike Pence at 8/1 nor Trump himself at 2/1. The Democrats might well have won a surprise victory in Alabama but those circumstances won’t repeat so look to the mid-terms before you bet against Donald Trump in 2020.

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