Bet on the Champions League best in England odds!

best in England odds

Since the Champions League started, it is obvious to spectators that English clubs are taking the group stages extraordinarily serious. But which team will make it the furthest in the European competition? Find out more about the best in England odds.

Whilst online gambling news in the UK gives Manchester City the fire to hold, a comparison between the Champions League and Premier League is not a fair one. These are two different competitions, with different teams, levels, expectations and game-plans.

The Champions League is a real opportunity for the 5 English clubs to express their technique and character on a grand scheme. According to Unibet Sportsbook, the best in England odds are in favor of the Manchester clubs.

City, United, Chelsea, Pool, Spurs. But who will be the best in Europe?

Odds are in favor of Manchester, then London and finally Liverpool. So let’s take a look at the latter and build ourselves up.

Best England Odds

Jurgen Klopp (source:

  • Liverpool (11/2): The club under Jurgen Klopp, have finally managed to qualify for the Champions League knockouts, with a win needed in their last game to secure 1st place. Not very likely to be the top English team but keeping in mind they have the most medals of 5 in the competition, they might have another fairytale this year.
  • Tottenham (9/2): Spurs have a real chance of achieving something great as they have learned from their previous campaign, and topped their group beating Real Madrid and Dortmund (twice) on the way.
  • Chelsea (9/2): The last English team to win the Champions League and the first from London. Chelsea are starting to gain some of the form that lead them to a 5th Premier League last season.
  • Manchester United (7/2): Now up to Manchester, the team needs a single point at home in their last game to finish leaders of their Champions’ League group. Jose Mourinho has made the club solid defensively and might take the team to the latter stages of the competition.
  • Manchester City (29/20): Finally, the favorites. Managed by 2 time Champions League winner Pep Guardiola, Manchester City are playing with such flair at the moment they look as though they can brush away any opponent in front of them.

Elsewhere in Europe

Paris Saint Germain, the Spanish Giants and Bayern Munich. These teams all with have a say in who eventually lifts the trophy. To be the best in England, online sportsbook sites in the UK back Manchester City as they are looking like the real deal.

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