Bet on KSI v Logan Paul Celebrity Box Match

GamingZion tried to explains the reasons as well as the chances for the upcoming KSI v Paul Logan boxing match!

Logan Paul Vs KSI
Who will win, Logan Paul or KSI?

If you’ve watched a video on YouTube in the past 2 years then you must know who KSI and Paul Logan are. But why is there a KSI v Paul Logan fight coming up? GamingZion is here to clear up the situation!

YouTube is not a completely lost universe at online sportsbook news sites in the US, but it’s definitely not the main source for such sites. Or at least it has not been like that up until now. However, we haven’t seen a celebrity boxing match – up until now. The KSI v Logan Paul celebrity box match is due on 25 August, 2018.

The KSI v Logan Paul fight is to be held in the famous Manchester Arena. And how to watch KSI v Logan Paul fight? Obviously there will be free live streams all over YouTube – after all, YouTube is what made these two guys famous. But are they really famous? Let’s take a look at who Logan Paul is, he offers more to talk about…

Who is Logan Paul?

Logan Paul was probably more famous all around the world as he overstepped qiuite a few boundaries this year. As a young kid, he became famous thanks to Disney channel. However, the boy wonder quickly realised that real money is not in tv anymore – the YouTube money is much much better than that – with his qualities and abilities at least.

So he quickly grew a YouTube channel with over 16 million subscribers. He made a music video called “It’s everyday bro” which sings about his perfect life and friends – for example, Nick Compton is one of his best friends. He’s the guy whose city is England and that’s pretty much all we need to know about these people.

However, Logan Paul was even more famous at another occasion. Basically the entire internet wanted ti abandon him from using the internet in the end of last year. The teenage boy went on a trip to Japan and visited the suicide forest. Obviously he found a dead body, recorded it, uploaded it, showed it to his followers and made money of an unknown dead body. Who could blame him, we would all do the same, wouldn’t we?

Where to find the best KSI v Logan odds?

Do you want to bet on celebrity box match? Do you want to find the best sites to bet on KSI v Logan Paul? Well, if so, we can only recommend you to join Bovada Sportsbook as they are one of the best online sportsbook sites in the US and they are one of the best sites to provide such novelty betting odds.

In fact, you can also find KSI v Logan Paul odds at the site. Who is your favourite? If you want to bet on KSI to beat Logan Paul, you can find -165 odds for KSI to win against Logan. If the teenager billionaire is your pick, you can find +125 odds for Logan Paul to beat KSI. KSI vs Logan Paul betting is best if you read the latest review about Bovada Sportsbook first.

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