Bet On England To Win The Third ODI? Perhaps Not…..

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Once upon a time a bet on England to win a cricket match wasn’t the wholesale act of optimism it is today, and with two defeats already stacked against them in the One Day International series against India there’s only the hope now that the side can pick themselves up enough to grab a little token victory in the last game on Sunday and give those that back them at Bet365 something to smile about.

England Vs India

• 3rd ODI
• 0800 hrs
• Sunday 22nd
• Kolkata

It says much that the last time England won a cricket series on tour in India I was still at school, Margaret Thatcher was wannabe Queen of Britain, and America had elected Ronald Reagan to run the free world because he’d been amusing in “Bedtime For Bonzo”. Of course the world has changed a lot since then but as anyone who places the odd bet on sports in India will be only too happy to tell you England’s ability to perform on tour in India really hasn’t, and a bet on England is quite the risk.

Cricket Betting Odds

• India – 1/2
• England – 13/8

Sadly this applies to the One Day game as much as to the five day tests, and having wholly failed to get a grip of the first ODI after an appalling test series loss there was some hope that out of embarrassment alone England might put on a better showing in the second, and they did, it just wasn’t enough. Currently there’s room enough to believe that you can always bet on England to perform at the top of their ability, whilst lamentably being entirely certain it just won’t be good enough to beat India at home.

Will England Start Strong And Slump Again?

Any Indian gambling laws of averages would see England finally break this thirty year victory void were to be as disappointed as the barmy army were. England began well, batting their way to a relatively decent 350+ total, but it was clear even then the wicket was superb and that to bet on England being able to prevent the Indian batsmen outstripping that score could only be an act of faith rather than reasoned choice. Sure they could have made something of it, but Morgan’s 102 was too little too late.

Jason Roy (Photo:

Not that the rest of the side had done so badly, Jason Roy, Joe Root & Moeen Ali made a half century apiece, but in the end 366 was just not far enough out of reach and India’s batsmen looked set to make short work of it, any bet on England now looking just as much of a lost cause as any placed on any ODI game between India and England (in India) since the mid 1980s. Of their last 25 ODIs on tour in India England have lost 21 of them, a statistic that gets worse not better with time.

Bet On England To Win In India At Bet365 This Weekend

India came into bat knowing the conditions were on their side and that they are still fielding some of the best batsmen in the world, however they quickly slumped to just 25-3 and for a moment that bet on England was not to have been in vain, then Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni paired up and shared a stand of 256 with India putting on a 100 in their last seven wickets as England’s bowlers failed to push the attack losing by only 15 runs, but losing none the less. So will they do any better on Sunday?

The third ODI against India is your last opportunity to bet on England in this series and given their improvement in performance there’s every chance they might just get themselves together enough to snatch a win in Kolkata although the bookies like Bet365 consider that only a 13/8 chance whilst the home side gets 1/2 odds making them the clear favorites and no one in India gambling news headlines on Monday will be of a surprise England victory will be demonstrating anything but blind optimism.

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